2018 NFL Season: 5 Super Bowl Contenders to watch

2018 NFL season is almost here and i have 5 teams you should watch out for.

In the NFL we all have our teams to watch. We actually already have the teams that are super bowl contenders for the next year normally right after the super bowl is over.






Some may say Packers because of Aaron Rodgers

We are days away from the regular season and now is the time everyone puts their name in the hat to be super bowl contenders for the upcoming season. This was by far one of the most entertaining offseason that we have had in a while and I’m excited for this upcoming season with the super bowl being held in my hometown. Now while we do have the regulars as contenders, I have 5 teams that no one is talking about that could contend for the Lombardi Trophy as well with #4 being a complete shocker.


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