The Ultimate MyCareer Experience

If 2K did this it would be the Ultimate MyCareer Experience

Ok 2K has one of the best sport RPG’s out till this day but there is always room for improvement. Every year they do something different to up the ante and im sure in 2k19 they are going to doing something spectacular with the neighborhood( please don’t take it away), but there is something i think they can do to really set them up as the greatest sports RPG of all time. A COMPLETELY INTERACTIVE MY CAREER EXPERIENCE.

Here me out…..

The Park, Ante Up, and Pro-am are all fun parts of My Career but to complete everything we need to fix actual career play. Some fans like to play regular season and love the story. They like to chase rings and stats and form super teams with their favorite players. We can keep all that but up the level. Make a part of the career story where you can compete with friends. Just like they have My League where you invite friends to play for championships, do the same for my career.

Buckle up

Lets just say you start in college( you gotta compete for the #1 pick in the draft). Maybe you can do 4 games tops so that you wont be in college for ever and build your stock for the draft. Of course you all get drafted and go on to you teams. If 2K decides to add in the summer league( and i hope they do) then you play in the summer league against each other and start to build your my player up( of course 2K is gonna start you at 65 overall).

After the summer league you and your friends just take off for a great ride. Just imagine competing in the regular season against your friends for different accolades and right to be called best player in the world. You guys competing for the scoring title, all the awards and most importantly championships.

The best part that i can think of as well would be when the off season comes around and those contracts end. You will have a chance to form super teams with your friends to dominate the league just like teams try to do today in the NBA. Now if that does happen then i think the settings should be tweaked to make it a little harder because if they dont then you would just be ram shacking the league every year.

This is an idea that would change sports games forever and set the bar really high for others to really try to reach and if anyone can do it, its 2K. So what do you think? Should 2K implement this into My Career somewhere down the line. If you like this article share it with all your 2K friends. Thanks for reading.


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