Takeaways from International Fight Weekend

  • Luis Pena is looking like one of those special talents we get every once and a while he is a very long fighter for his division and he is very versatile with his strikes from his distance on standup he looks very good and looks like it would be hard for him to be in any trouble while standing but not only that when it went to the ground he was the dominator having dominate positions the whole scramble and the one scramble him and his opponent had ended up with Pena coming out with the submission victory. This dude will be something special and new for the UFC and we will see how far he can go.
  • Brad Katona is also another fighter in this same category but he does it a little differently. In the first round Brad was willing to stand with his opponent and it looked like he might actually lose the fight if it stays standing but he came out 2nd round with a totally different gameplan. He came out with a grappling style and from there on it was domination. Brad controlled his opponent from clinch took him down and stayed on top of him for the last two rounds. Is he another GSP style fighter? We will see.
  • Israel Adesanya after that performance it’s hard to to say that I don’t see Adesanya as being the best fighter on the planet right now. On the feet he is one of the most elusive if not the most elusive fighter on the roster. He keeps you at his range the whole night and slowly takes your soul by picking you apart. Credit to Brad Tavares for being so tough but it would’ve been a KO to a lot of other guys. And his ability to avoid takedowns and avoid clinches is impeccable. Also even on the few occasions he got took down he squirmed right back up. That kid is very special talent and not to mention he looks huge compared to other middleweights.
  • Dan Hooker is also another kid who has a bright future even though I believe he is a top 6 talent I look looking at him go through and finishing his opponent as he goes up the ladder at 155. He knows how to keep his range and is very precise with his striking hard to hit but he pretty much has potential to hit you with a devastating strike the whole night he had very good flying knees.
  • Drakkar Klose looks better and better every time I see him. He goes out and puts consistent pressure on you the whole fight. If he isn’t having a grappling battle against you on the cage he is in your face basically dirty boxing. It’s hard to beat a guy that is literally not giving you any room and space to breathe he is a Colby Covington style fighter and he looks really good right about now.
  • Paulo Costa is a good prospect he hasn’t had a close fight yet before the Uriah Hall fight so we never really seen him tested. In the first round Uriah Hall looked like he had too much experience for the prospect in Paulo Costa jabbing him over and over again. Paulo was tough though and throughout him struggling he continued to put on pressure cutting off the octagon and not ever letting Uriah Hall rest. I don’t see Paulo being a champion but he is definitely a top 10 talent. His biggest problem is cardio and his reach is pretty short so if he can’t hit you he will get gassed but the thing is even when he is tired he doesn’t let off the breaks so If you don’t go out you will have a pressure style fighter with KO power on you all night it sets up entertaining fights with him.
  • The Mike Perry hype should be over at this point he has a lot of heart and it would be hard to finish the guy but us saying championship potential is out the window he is very hittable a flat footed guy the only real thing his gym change helped with was pace and better form he will be more of an exciting fighter more than elite top guy but that’s not a bad thing.
  • Francis Ngannou vs Derrick Lewis was truly the most disappointing fight of all time you got two of the most exciting and hard hitting heavyweights in the division and their was rarely a strike thrown up until the last 3 minutes of the fight truly a disappointment.
    • Does DC beating Stipe make Jones look like even better? Or does that ring the question could DC beat Jones at HW?
    • DC and Brock Pretty much already sold their next fight.
    • Should Stipe fight Derrick Lewis next?
    • Does that leave Cain with having a warmup fight against Francis? A lot of questions now in this division but it all depends on timing at this point and what the fighters want

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