3 things that could happen when Nia Jax faces Ronda Rousey

Nia Jax vs Ronda Rousey should be an interesting match up at WWE’s MITB

We knew the time would come when Rousey would get a title shot but none of us seen it this soon. NIa Jax vs Ronda Rousey is now set in stone for WWE’s MITB. Every wrestling fan around the world is raving about this match up and while some feel like it’s the right time, others feel like it’s way too soon. Well…its happening and Majority already believe that Rousey is going to defeat Ronda. I think this match will go 3 ways:

  1. Nia Jax wins clean

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Nia needs this win more than Ronda Rousey

WWE felt like they had no choice but to put together Nia Jax vs Ronda Rousey at MITB. Ronda hasn’t had a single match since WrestleMania and she received great reviews for her debut. One direction this match cam go is Nia getting over clean on Ronda. Nia’s reign hasn’t really been solidified with a big win as all she has don’t is beat up on Bliss and be the face of the Bully campaign. A win against Rousey is something much needed to solidify her reign and since Rousey said she doesn’t want any special treatment, giving her, her first loss clean wouldn’t be a bad thing. No one expected this, this early. A loss shouldn’t put a damper in anything they have planned for Rousey but better yet fuel her fire to get back to fighting for the championship once again.

  1. Rousey wins her first WWE championship

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Wouldnt be the first time some one won a title in a short period of time

This is a huge possibility as WWE probably doesn’t want her to look weak. They want Rousey to be looked at as somewhat unstoppable and a complete bad ass. A win for a title in her second match would really shake things up in the WWE and especially in the Raw Women’s division. A clean win over Nia Jax would probably split the WWE fan base. But really it shouldn’t. Nia Jax laid down the challenge to Rousey and Rousey admitted there are other superstars who deserve the opportunity more than her. That’s humble right there for a mega star that is a big draw in the Women’s division.

  1. Stephanie Cost Ronda to continue their feud

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Stephanie hasnt been seen since Raw after mania so this is a good time for her to return


Stephanie has been off TV for a while now and WWE still plans to continue their feud. They want to build them up like they did with Stone Cold and Vince. With the other 2 possibilities being very valid, this is the most likely possibility to happen. Stephanie will either cost Ronda Rousey herself or maybe send someone else in like the Riott Squad to cost her the match which wouldn’t be a bad thing as she is definitely going to need some help in that feud or she is just going to have her arm broken over and over again.

This is going to be an interesting match and I will say this, since Rousey is a big star and already a big draw do not be surprised if this match main events MITB( Sorry Nak and AJ WWE will disrespect you again).


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