Should Gelo be more concerned with being Drafted by lakers or Drafter period?

LiAngelo Ball says being drafted to Lakers is a priority but should it be?

liangelo ball wants to play for lakers
Liangelo says playing along side Lonzo is a priority for him

There is nothing wrong with wanting to play along a sibling. The Morris twins planned to play their entire career together but things changed and for a short glimpse of time we got the Curry brothers playing alongside each other. The Ball family has one goal and that is for all 3 of them to play for the Lakers. The Draft is around the corner and Gelo made it known that he wants to play alongside Lonzo in a recent interview with ESPN L.A:

“Lakers is my priority, for sure. I want to play with my brother. Ever since I played with Zo, we went undefeated. Same thing will happen when we get older. We’re just going to get stronger and faster and better feel for the game. It will be a good outcome. “… I’m willing to play for other teams. That’s fine if they pick me. My priority is the Lakers. I just want to play with my brother.”
That is cool to want to play alongside your brother but for that to be a priority…mmmm I’m not sure. What should be a priority: Being drafted by the Lakers or getting drafter at all?

Being drafted period!!!!

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This year is another stacked draft class loaded with a lot of talent the Lakers can draft besides Gelo. Right now as we speak he is not even in the ESPN top 100 list despite leaving college and playing overseas in Lithuania.

He averaged 14points 3 rebounds and 0.9 assist in 14 games playing for BC Prenu alongside his young brother Lamelo Ball. They had a couple of games where they combined for crazy numbers and a lot of highlights but I guess scouts either don’t see much in him or they are trying to avoid that awkward conversation with Lavar Ball.

Gelo wasn’t even invited to the combine but he is up for working out for teams that are interested.

Lakers have 2 picks and anything is possible

Last year lakers got Lonzo, who will they get this year
They may not be in the top 10 but who they grab will be a key for future success in this years draft

Anything is possible in the NBA draft. We have seen teams chose the worst picks you can possibly think of and others chose players out of nowhere that blossomed. I highly doubt the Lakers will waste a pick on Gelo. I don’t think the Lakers should be his top priority. Getting drafted should come first. You’re not invited to the combine, you’re not in the top 100 list and you’re not in anyone’s mock draft. You need to work out with as many teams as you can and hope you get drafted.

Honestly I feel like he has a better chance getting to the Lakers through free agency. Lakers wont chose him over some of the other talented players in the draft. Or he could go to the G-League and show out for a year and then revisit that top priority to play for the Lakers. If Zo was better he could vouch for him but he is in no place to do that right now.

What do you think FOE’s? Should Gelo be more focused on getting drafted by the Lakers or getting drafted period? What’s his best chance of getting to play with Zo?


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