How WWE should turn Roman Reigns Heel

The Babyface run has failed and now is the time for a Roman Reigns heel Turn

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The Roman Reigns project isn’t working out very well, for nearly 2 years Vince has been trying to get Roman over with the fans and he has failed miserably. Fans are starting to get tired of Roman being pushed as a top baby face when they have made it known in every way possible ( even by walking out) that he is not our guy. Vince is out of touch and eventually has to come to realization that the whole super hero act is out played. It’s time for a change and that change is for Roman to turn heel and here is how I think they should do it.

The whole story that WWE is running with is that the system is basically out to screw him over time and time again. Overtime Roman should become more vicious and less baby face like on the mic as he fights back. The whole goal is the get the title he won at GRR. Jinder screwed him out of the MITB ladder match so to start he should brutally beat Jinder to a ref stoppage.

After that win at MITB he should continue promos talking about how he is the uncrowned champion and that WWE management is screwing him over. Now we all know that eventually he will get another crack at Brock Lesnar but that most likely won’t be until Summerslam but I’m going to push things up and say this bout is going to happen at Extreme Rules.

Kurt books the match for Extreme Rules and makes it a No Holds Barred match. Of course fans don’t like it, everyone is tired of Roman anyway so they expect to see another boring bout and fans will leave once again.

The Beginning of the Roman Empire

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Roman and Brock squaring off in a No Holds Barred match


Roman is already hated, he has the look and the personality of a heel. Plus he was a heel down in NXT and a good one. We all know what to expect in this bout. Roman getting his ass kicked and suplexed all around the ring. But wait…..AOP music hits and they start walking towards the ring.

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AOP comes out during the match to help Roman beat the beast

Brock looks confused but hey he is a fighter so he tries to fight them off but they are too much for him. They man handle Brock and leave him lying in the center of the ring.

Roman smiles and AOP goes to help him him. They begin a 3 on 1 attack and then Roman does a spear on Brock then pins him 1…2…3. Roman finally regains his title and forms alliance with AOP and the real Roman Empire is born. Fans will probably be pissed but Roman will get a much needed heel change and become the top heel in WWE.

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The time is now and WWE needs to turn him because he just isn’t going to get over with the fans right now. They have to stop trying to insult our intelligence. Just because you put him against superstars that fans boo doesn’t mean they will cheer for him. If you change him for a while and then try to revisit this then it might work out differently. WWE has a lot of talent they can depend on right now to be the top face in the company. Top 2 are Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins. Both of these guys are reliable to give you good matches and they are way over with the fans. Make the turn, turn Roman Reigns.

So what do you think? How would you turn Roman heel?


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