All In Sold out in under an hour

All In sells out in under an hour

A year ago the question was asked on twitter to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling observer: “would Ring of Honor ever sell out an arena with 10,000 fans? His response was this:

Cody as ambitious as he is responded and hence the challenge began to make this event happen.

1 year later on this day the tickets for All In went on sale and in only 53 minutes the tickets sold out. Over 11,000 seats were sold out in under an hour and now Dave Meltzer with have to sit back in aww as Cody did exactly what he set out to do.

No one outside of WWE has ever been able to do something like this (NJPW can) and Cody plus the Young Bucks have done it. There is word that tickets are available on sites like StubHub (click the link to see available seats.

This is a great accomplishment and really shows how popular the Indy scene really is and im sure WWE will take notice of this. Congrats to Cody and the Bucks for making all in a success and I hope I can make it to that historic show as well.


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