Warriors vs Rockets: Who goes to the NBA Finals?

Warriors vs Rockets is a matchup of the Leagues 2 best teams but who will go on to the NBA Finals?

The Series we all anticipated is finally here. Both the Warriors and the Rockets stormed through the Playoffs to meet in the Western Conference Finals to decide who will go to the NBA Finals. While the Warriors are just chasing rings, the Rockets have been anticipating this rematch all year long so they could try and put a stop to this dynasty.

There is a lot of history here. These players won gold together, KD and Harden played together, and Chris Paul was the last player to actually play on a team that eliminated the Warriors in a playoffs. The Warriors are attempting to go to their 4th straight NBA Finals. This will be their first time without home court advantage but this team has been playing very well on the road this year.

The Rockets have made it known publicly that they want to play the Warriors and even Clint Capela went further to say that the Rockets were superior to the Warriors. Well they are finally meeting when it really matters and Draymond said it best:

“Now you’ve got to play the game. You wanted us, now you’ve got us.”

Battle of Similar styles

Image result for steve kerr mike d'antoni
Back when Kerr was the Suns GM and D’Antoni was terrorizing the league with that killer offense

Steve Kerr and Mike D’Antoni go way back. Mike D’ Antoni developed the way that the Golden State Warriors play today but Steve Kerr critiqued it and turned it into an unstoppable force. Back when Mike D’Antoni was terrorizing the league with the Suns, Steve Kerr was the GM of that team.

Both teams play a very similar style. While the match up on the court is very enticing, the match up on the sideline is just as good. This will be a shoot out between coaches seeing who will flinch or change their game plan first.

Who will be the difference maker?

There are so many game changers in this series. We have Harden, Paul, Klay, Curry, KD, and Draymond but as we know all of these guys will show out but the difference maker will be someone else.

Chris Paul

Image result for chris paul
Paul is refocused and ready to play in his first WCF

Chris Paul is going to his first conference finals in his career and as much bad luck he has had in the past i don’t think he will whither away in this series. He put the nail in the coffin to send Utah home and continues to evolve his game in many different ways. He will make a huge difference on defense when it comes to guarding Steph Curry.

Clint Capela

Clint Capela has turned into one of the leagues best bigs
Clint has a chance to shine when the stage is brightest and i believe he will

Chris Paul can surely be an x factor but Clint can show out as well. He has improved his game every year in the league and became one of the leagues best rebounders. He can score and defend which will cause problems for the Warriors on both sides of the ball. The Warriors will have to find an answer for him immediately.

One of the Warriors big men

One of the Warriros big man must show up in this series to help the Warriors get past the Rockets
McGee and Bell will have their handful and have to bring their A game in order to help the Warriors go on to their 4th straight NBA Finals

The Warriors like to rotate centers but they need to figure out fast who is going to be the center to try and contain Capela. The Warriors have Zaza/McGee/Bell. Its all ready being reported that Jordan Bell will have a bigger role in this series and some see him as the Warriors center for the future. There is no better time to prove that than in the WCF. If he can rattle Capela and challenge him on the boards then the Warriors will have a better chance of winning this series.

Coaches: Steve Kerr vs Mike D’Antoni

Former co workers turn into Western Conference rivals
These 2 high profile coaches will play a bigger role than alot of people think

Sometimes coaching is forgotten in the league dominated by stars of all calibers but the deeper you get in the playoffs the more coaching comes into play. With these 2 juggernauts coaching will be a huge deal.Whoever makes the right adjustments will win this series.

Who goes to the Finals?

who goes to the finals? Warriors or Rockets
Who will represent the West in the WCF? Warriors or Rockets?

This is the leagues 2 best offenses and in the playoffs they are the leagues 2 best defenses. 3 pointers will fly at an all time high and i anticipate the record for 3’s attempted and made in a series to be broken by the time this one is over. The Rockets have been begging for the Warriors and now they have them plus home court advantage but i dont think that will be enough.

Im taking the Warriors in 7. Experience will trump home court advantage and if thats debatable just look at Lebron James.

Rockets will take game 1

Warriors will take game 2-3

Rockets take game 4

Rockets will take game 5

Warriors will take game 6 and 7

Tip off for the Western Conference finals begins Monday at 9pm on TNT.


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