NBA Eastern Conference Finals: Cavs vs Celtics preview and prediction

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The highly anticipated rematch is here. Its Cavs vs Celtics with a trip to the NBA finals on the line.

While a lot of fans wanted to see the 76ers vs the Cavs in the ECF the Celtics derailed everyone’s plans and now we have a much anticipated rematch. It’s not what everyone expected honestly. I mean if Kyrie and Gordon were playing there would be a lot more buzz but there is just enough. In sports we forget anything can happen. The NBA is something a lot of us think we can predict no one saw the Celtics getting this far after their season got derailed with injuries but they are here and they are challenging the King for his throne. Do they have enough to pull off the upset and end LeBron’s road to his 8th straight NBA finals?

Favorite- Cavs


Celtics- *Brad Stevens, Scary Terry, Jayson Tatum, Jalen Brown, Aron Baynes

Cavs- Kevin Love, Kyle Korver, JR Smith, the whole damn bench

Keys to Victory


  1. Neutralize LeBron’s Supporting Cast

LeBron is going to be LeBron but the only reason the Pacers made it 7 games is because they forced LeBron to do everything and shut down his supporting cast. They took the Greg Pop approach which is let LeBron ball and force the rest of his team to beat us. While that is a deadly game to play sometimes it works. The Celtics have a very versatile and athletic team. Their defense is off the charts and they can run around with Love and Korver on the perimeter. Cavs have other pieces and they are just not showing up but if the Celtics can put together runs and limit LeBron supporting cast then they have a chance.

  1. Win on the Boards

Last year Tristan Thompson dominated the boards against the C’s and the 76ers caused them trouble in that category as well. If they want to stay in this series they cannot let that happen. They have to win on the boards and limit second chance points. Tristan Thompson and Love will be an x factor in the paint but I think Horford and Baynes will be able to handle them. Baynes held his own against the talented Embiid and should have a much easier job against the inconsistent Thompson.


  1. LeBron keep being LeBron

LeBron will carry this team all the way to the finals where they will be swept (sorry not sorry) but in the process he will do what he always does. Father time won’t magically sneak up on LeBron now and cause him to regress. He will continue to average 35/9/9 in the playoffs and that will be much needed with a Cavs team that’s hit or miss.

  1. Supporting cast keeps supporting

Love, Korver, Smith and Thompson all were a helping hand in the 2nd round sweep of the Lebronto Raptors (LeBron owns the Raptors). Korver was a sniper behind the arc, so was JR, Tristan played great in the post and Love turned back the clock and played like he did in his Minnesota days. The Cavs may have LeBron but the C’s have a great team even with all those injuries and they will be coming to play. LeBron can carry this team but the C’s are a better version of the Pacers and they will make it a lot harder. His supporting cast has to show up or they will be in trouble


Celtics in 6

LeBron is 23-0 in postseason series (in the Eastern Conference) since 2011. That is an incredible thing to do. He rises to the occasion every time he is faced with adversity. I predicted the Pacers in 7 and it almost happened, I didn’t even bother to pick the Raptors over the Cavs because they will never beat him. Picking against LeBron is like picking against KD. So that’s why I’m going to pick against him again. The tide is changing in the East and a lot of these teams are coming for the crown.

This Celtics team is special and will be a force in the East for years to come. LeBron will be LeBron and that’s what everyone is betting on. Every team that ever beat LeBron in the playoffs had a couple of things in common.

  1. Great Coach( Greg Pop, Doc Rivers, Rick Carlisle, Steve Kerr)
  2. Versatile team( Celtics before he went to the heat, Mavericks, Spurs, Golden State)
  3. Forced his counter parts to try and beat them

Brad Stevens is the best coach in the NBA right now hands down, the Celtics are loaded with weapons and have a great defensive team, and they have everything is takes to neutralize the Cavs supporting cast. It won’t be easy but I think this team can do it. Brad Stevens is drawing up game plans to beat every team in his way and he makes adjustments that lead to victory. That’s how the Celtics got this far and can go farther. I’m taking the Celtic’s in 6 games. They are undefeated at home this post season but LeBron will get a win in TD Garden and tie the series 1-1 before going back to Cleveland. The Celtics will shock the Cavs in back to back wins, both going down to the wire before LeBron goes off in Game 5 and takes it back to Cleveland and in Cleveland LeBron will once again throw his jersey to the side as his season will end and the Celtics will go on to the Finals.


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