Power House Favorites That Will Disappoint

Its still early in the off season and every team is feeling optimistic with new free agent additions and new draft picks being added to the team.

Maybe some teams are eager for a fresh start and are ready to emerge from the basement and maybe some teams are gearing up for another deep playoff run but whatever the case may be there are always preseason favorites that are penciled in to get to the Superbowl or a great post season run.

Some teams dont live up to lofty expectations and some teams come out of nowhere and overachieve but heres 3 teams that have been picked for a superbowl run that we think will fall short. This doesnt mean they wont have a winning season or not make the post season but fall short of the lofty goals and disappoint.

1) Jacksonville Jaguars


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Listen i love this defense. I think its the next great defense of our generation just like how the  the Legion of Boom was the gold standard for the last few years, they are seriously that good with multiple play makers on every single level and might even have the best Corner Back in Jalen Ramsey……BUT Blake Bortles is going to mess it up for them.

Yes i know he played well at times last season and did his part vs the Steelers in the playoffs but hes too inconsistent. Hes not guaranteed to play well on any given day and hes been in the league long enough for us to know what he is by now. I was SHOCKED that the Jags didnt go after Kirk Cousins or Alex Smith this off season but instead they extended Bortles which means they obviously think hes the guy but i think he is what he is at this point.

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Jags defense will be as good or better then any in the league

Look if Alex Smith was on this team they most likely go to the Superbowl. Same with Brees and possibly even a guy like Tyrod Taylor. This defense is amazing and can carry a team deep into the post season but at some point you need your QB to make plays and Bortles cant be trusted…..If they did believe in him so much then why did they run out the clock with a minute left in the first half vs the Patriots in the playoffs who they had on the ropes? Instead of letting Bortles who was having a good game go down the field for at least a field goal they took a knee and took their foot off the gas and ultimately lost that game.

Look what the Eagles did with a back up QB in Nick Foles who had 40 seconds on the clock before the end of the half vs the Vikings, they let him go down the field and get more points which really put the Vikings in a bad spot and kept the momentum  and won easily. If the Jags had the same faith in their QB then that game might have been different but they were scared he might mess it up and remember Foles was a back up not the franchise QB that Bortles is supposed to be.

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Who will replace the WR production?

Also a very underrated story line is who are they throwing the ball to?? They have lost their starting tight end in Mercedes Lewis, lost their best WR Allen Robinson and also lost Allen Hurns. They have Marqise Lee but he hasnt stayed healthy for most of his career and i dont know if he can be a true number 1 guy so i wonder if Bortles will struggle even more without a huge cast of weapons although he did play without Robinson last season but thats still a big loss and they have had productive seasons in the past together.

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Star Running Back Leanard Fournette will be given a heavy workload this season

They do have Leanard Fournette who im a huge fan of so i guess they will be running the ball more but you have to surround your franchise QB with more weapons and they seemed to have  taken some away instead. Hopefully some 2nd year players and rookies can step up or maybe even look into Dez Bryant? Even on the decline he would be the best WR on the roster so they should look at him on a 1 year 4m deal with incentives to earn a max of 7m or something.

Again i love this defense and running game so im not saying they have a losing season but expectations are for the Superbowl and i see them being more of a 10-6 Wild Card team but the issue is Bortles and until he shows me he can be more consistent then im not going to trust him.


2) The Philadelphia  Eagles

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Im going to get alot of stick for this but i think the Eagles take a step back and ill tell you why. First of all NO ONE had the Eagles winning the superbowl last season so lets not pretend that they were a lock from the start.

One of the reasons i think they will slip back a bit is because this team isnt as good as we think they are. I know they had a special season but those are so rare and its tough to repeat as champs. I mean even as they were like 12-1 and dominating teams last season people STILL werent taking them seriously and picked against them to lose most of the games they played including the playoffs which they were underdogs in all 3 games.

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Will Carson Wentz be the same player or healthy?

Well im making the same mistake as last year i guess cause i dont think they will repeat first of all and i also think the rest of the NFC has caught up to them. Look at the Saints and Rams for example or even the Vikings who have made big time moves. The Eagles front 7 will be back and as strong as ever but their CBs are still suspect and how healthy will Carson Wentz be? This season they will be getting everyones best shot without sneaking up on them  and i dont think they will have that same special team chemistry that they had last year which i personally believe was the biggest reason for their success.

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Can the Eagles capture that same chemistry?

I could be totally wrong and theres a chance they are even better this year because most of the team is returning and they have a talented roster but i see last season as one of those ”once in a life time magical” runs and think they go back to 9-7 or 10-6 at best with an early playoff exit. Overall the reasoning for them falling back is as much about the improvement of the other teams in the NFC as it is about the Eagles.

3) The Minnesota Vikings

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Ok so this team is going to go 12-4 or 11-5 at worst and cruise into the playoffs with a 1st round bye and possibly home field throughout but they are going to lose in the first round of the playoffs and do you know why? Its cause of my old friend ‘Choke Cousins’

Kirk Cousins is a good QB and will put up numbers and win some games for you but when it comes to big time games and crunch time moments he will choke and fall on his face. This is the main reason the Redskins didnt pay him and unless something changes within himself  i dont see why he will all of a sudden turn clutch and not only that but he always played way below his usual standards and had his worst games in those situations.

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Kirk Cousins paid BIG bucks to win a Superbowl

His numbers for the most part have been great, hes ranked in the top 5 in yards and passer rating etc but it comes down to  big moments hes failed every single time hes been given that chance to shine. He will make plays but not make THE play is the story of Kirk Cousins and he will be under immense pressure to perform every single week because of his contract and if this team starts 0-2 or 1-3 then early panic will start to set in.

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Diggs and Thielen gives Kirk Cousins two great WRs so theres no excuse

Now the team he has around him is loaded with much more talent then Washington and they have a great great defense which they will rely on to win most games. They have two solid WRS in Stefon Diggs and underrated Adam Thielen with last years rookie star Dalvin Cook back healthy to give them a very talented well rounded offense and dont forget Kyle Rudolf the tight end can be an above average starter.

This team is ready to go and the sole reason they got Kirk Cousins is because they feel he can be the guy to take the over the edge and take the one game further then Case Keeenun did and on paper it makes sense and i really want to believe that Head Coach Mike ZImmer will get the title he deserves but i just cant trust Kirk Cousins in the playoffs or in big games so for that reason i am out.

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Vikings dominate defense will do their part

With the moves this team has made it really is Superbowl or bust and unlike the old days just getting to the playoffs for Kirk Cousins will not be good enough like it was for a suffering franchise like Washington. He will have to win playoff games and at least compete for a superbowl otherwise why wouldnt you have stuck with Case Keenum who was 10m cheaper? Im rooting for Cousins but with all this pressure and expectations i think he falls way short of the lofty goal that has been set for him.


4) The New England Patriots

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Just kidding….Sorry Patriot haters but this team will be contending for a Superbowl once again and despite all the rumors of the team breaking up they are actually better then last year and will be back in the mix.

Maybe next year ay? You wish.


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