Matt Ryan BREAKS The Bank!! Are QBs Worth This Much?

Matt Ryan has been one of the top 10 QBs in the league for most of his career and now hes just inked the biggest contract in NFL history.

The deal is a 5 year 150m contract with a whopping 100m fully guaranteed easily making it the biggest contract ever given to a player.

The fact of the matter is this is the going rate for QBs these days and ive heard alot of people say hes overpaid and he doesnt deserve it but end of the day this is what the market is, i mean look what Kirk Cousins got this past season in fact lets look at the top 12  highest paid QBs in the league and their yearly salary and see if we think they are worth it.

• 1. Matt Ryan, Falcons, $30 million <——Worth it

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Timing is everything and thanks to guys like Kirk Cousins who have done nothing the market gets reset every year and obviously Matt Ryan deserved more then him. He is 95-63 as a starter in the regular season, has an MVP  but is 4-6 in the playoffs including a superbowl loss which they really should have won. Hes still in his prime and might have more to offer and while he may not be in the same category as Brees Brady and Rodgers hes in that next tier. He has alot of great weapons and a good defense so theres no excuses now but i see the Falcons being a threat for the next few years.

• 2. Kirk Cousins, Vikings, $28M <—– Not Worth it

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Kirk Cousins was the highest paid QB in the league for a few weeks until Matt Ryan took over. Kirks deal might be a trend setter because he received the first fully guaranteed contract  in NFL history getting a 3 year 84m deal. More and more players are asking for guaranteed money and now that they have seen Kirks deal there may be more players to follow suit. He was in a unique situation entering free agency in his prime which is why he got paid alot more then hes worth and even though he has franchise QB numbers and good production he has yet to win anything of note and he fails to win the big games. He has a losing record as a starter and has been to 1 playoff game which he lost but he still got paid more then Rodgers,Brees,Brady and many others….these days its not about being good its about being free or next in line.

• 3. Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers, $27.M <——-Not worth it

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Everybodys favorite QB right here for some reason. He was the highest paid before kirk and ryan got their new deals and hes only started 7 games. Hes 7-0 as a starter and has looked good but people saying hes the next great thing need to chill and relax. We need to see more of him and now hes no longer a secret we will see teams game plan to stop him and take away the things he likes to do. This is another prime example of a QB getting paid market value even though he hasnt proven anything and even though he won all his starts last season his 7 tds to 5 ints last year isnt anything to write home about but the 49ers have generated excitement for the first time since the Harbough era and San Fran looks to  take the next step this season. He also has the right coach in Kyle Shanhan to get the most out of him.

• 4. Matthew Stafford, Lions, $27M <—- NOT Worth it

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This one really surprised me the most because Stafford has been in the league 10 years and has won no playoff games, no division title and has a losing record as a starter. Hes  60-65 with only 3 playoff appearances but he has us all fooled with his big numbers every season so his huge contract seemed justified but end of the day he doesnt win. I dont want to hear the excuses either, hes had alot of talent around him for parts of  his career and even had the great Megatron at his disposal but when ever hes had the chance to win the division with some clutch games he always fails. QBs dont grow on trees and his talent and numbers keep you interested but he does not win the big games and 10 years in we are still waiting…..He looks prime to finish 3rd in the division once again this year.

• 5. Drew Brees, Saints, $25M <——- Worth it!!!

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Here we go finally somebody who truly deserves the money. He is still getting less then the other guys we have mentioned so far  on the list but he is one of the best QBs of all time and has been in the top 3 in the league for most of his career. He gets a bit overlooked cause he played in the same era as Brady and Manning but hes on their level and unlike stafford and rodgers hes had real excuses. His defense has been ranked in the low 20s or dead last in most of his seasons but despite that he still gives them a chance to win but he cant score on literally every single drive which is what he had to do to win but now he finally has a bit of help we will see him take his team into the post season and possibly even to the superbowl. He doesnt need as much help as Stafford and Cousins and i believe even if he had a mid level defense and running game he would be fine and this season he has a great defense and great running game so ill be shocked if he doesnt make a deep playoff run. The Saints are actually my pick from the NFC to reach the superbowl

• 6. Derek Carr, Raiders, $25M <——-Im going to say justtt about Worth it

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This one is a bit tricky. Carr looked like he would be the next great young QB in the NFL but last season his play fell off and now people are wondering what kind of player he is. I personally would have waited one more year to pay him but Oakland didnt want contract issues getting in the way or possibly risk losing him so they had to pay him market value after his 12-4 season in 2016. Oakland has been in the basement for the last 10 years and finally have their guy so i can see why they didnt want to mess it up but he has a losing record as a starter and no playoff wins so far but hes still young and is an up and coming QB so i see him taking it up to another level this season and hopefully put last years down season behind him and get back to what we thought he was 2 years prior. I personally believe he will be a top 5 QB for years to come.

• 7. Andrew Luck, Colts, $24.594M <——-Worth it especially if he comes back healthy

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This was a no brainer at the time but injuries have derailed his career for the last 2 seasons. He was projected to be the next star of the league about 2 years before even being drafted and he didnt disappoint winning 3 playoff games in his first 3 years so they had to pay him the big bucks. He does turn the ball over a bit too much and with this injury we still dont know if he will be the same player when he comes back or if he will even come back but this deal had to be done at the time but in hindsight……its looking a bit shaky.

• 8. Alex Smith, Redskins, $23.5M <——-Worth it!!

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Most underrated QB of our generation right here. All Smith does is win but he doesnt throw for 5000 yards and 50 TDS hes more of a careful ball control kind of QB but this works and helps out the whole team. Hes not flashy and it took him a while to get his career going but hes played great the last few years always having his team in contention  and hes getting better with age. Last season he threw the ball deep and lead the league in most deep passing yards stats so all those rumors that hes only a check down system QB can be thrown out the window. Nobody apart from Brady and Wilson have more wins then him over the last few seasons so give this man credit. Id rather have him then Stafford or Cousins because unlike those guys he actually wins and gets to the playoffs although he does have to improve his playoff wins if hes to be considered in the top tier although he has been very unlucky with his defenses blowing big leads in the post season.

• 9. Joe Flacco, Ravens, $22.133M <——–Not Worth it

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This is actually his second big contract but he hasnt played well since he signed it. The Ravens back in 2013 actually had an offer for Flacco but he didnt like the deal and he played out the last year of his contract in a ”prove it” situation and he won the Superbowl that year. This forced the Ravens to pay him top tier money and even more money that he wanted before the season started so he gets credit for that. He has a winning record as a starter and actually has an amazing playoff record so paying him at the time was justified and deserved but with his play lately that kind of money seems questionable but its to late now.

• 10. Aaron Rodgers, Packers, $22M <—— Easilyyyyy Worth it!!

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Considered one of the two best QBs in the league right now, some people even call him the goat which is flat out untrue but that debate is for another day….Either ways he deserves top dollar and definitely deserves more then most people on this list but the good news is hes due for a new contract soon and has been negotiating all off season. He can thank Matt Ryan and Kirk Cousins because they have reset the market and we all know he deserves more then them so when he does get paid it will break the bank. I see it being around 5 years 170m with 120m guaranteed and guess what? Hes worth every penny because without him the Packers arent going anywhere and if he ever got a chance to hit the open market i get the feeling he would leave having being vocally frustrated about slow contract talks but it probably worked out for the best as he got a chance to see other QBs ink bigger deals then him.

• 11. Russell Wilson, Seahawks, $21.9M <— Worth it

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There was a time when people (me included) thought Wilson was just along for the ride during his superbowl runs but the last few years hes really grown into a very good QB. He would have been the MVP last season if his team didnt fall out of the playoff race but he was asked to do literally everything. Seattle had no running game, the defense was breaking apart and his O line has been so bad for the last few years hes running for his actual life on every snap. Despite this he still played very well and kept his team alive but just fell short and what alot of people dont know is that he lead the league in touchdown passes. If he gets a bit of help i can see him getting Seattle back into the playoffs and maybe even some superbowl runs so hes worth every penny and this deal was done a while ago so considering the market right now i say this is almost a bargain

• 12. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers, $21.85M <——Worth it

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I dont care what anybody says Big Ben belongs in the same category as Brees and Rodgers. Hes a bit scrappy and unconventional so he doesnt get the same credit but hes always been a winner since he came into the league. Hes a 2 time superbowl champ with 3 appearances and is always in the playoffs with a chance to win. If it wasnt for those pesky Patriots he might have another ring or two but hes been great despite what you think of him. He has been talking about retirement for the last few seasons and hes been banged up alot during his career so i dont know how much tread is on the tires but this deal is a bargain when we consider everything. If he does want a new deal it will be in the neighborhood of a 2 year 55m extension similar to Drew Brees 2 year 50m contract but i doubt he will see  Matt Ryan kind of numbers as hes closer to the end rather then beginning. They possibly have his replacement in (name) who they drafted in the third round this season which prompted Rothlisberger to tell us all that he wants to play for 3-5 more years but hes been such a drama queen over retirement its hard to take that seriously and the Steelers were right to plan for the future.


Honorable Mention

Tom Brady – 14m – Whaaatttt??? <——-Worth it! Biggest bargain in the NFL

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SO alot of these guys are worth the money but as you can see the ones that havent proven or won anything are the ones i say arent worth it with the exception of Carr.

Back in the day it used to be based on production and playoff wins but nowadays the going rate for a QB seems to be set and its only going to get higher. The Problem is that if you pay these guys so much money then you can hardly afford other pieces to the team but if you dont have a QB you are not going to compete for a superbowl very often so what do you do? This was the problem with the Saints and Ravens but you look at Tom Brady who takes less money so they can afford a better team around him and you see the success they have but i dont blame guys for getting their money whether they deserve it or not.

Its a business after all.


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