Lebron Owns the Raptors

Lebron James owns the raptors. The Raptors have tried everything. They went from playing hero ball to doing a complete culture reset all with one goal in mind….to beat LeBron James. Unfortunately they still cant. LeBron James owns the Raptors and has owned them his entire career. They came into this series the favorite to knock off LeBron (mostly due to overall team play) but the Cavs have flipped the switch and LeBron is owning the Raptors like he always have.

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Lebron flying high over horrible Raptors defense

Overall in his career (regular season and playoffs) the Cavs have always been on the losing side of LeBron James. LeBron is 41-10 versus the Raptors in the regular season and through his long career against them his averages are:




52% from the field

31% from the 3

But we all know LeBron elevates his game in the playoffs and that’s exactly what he does against the Raptors. In his career if you include that disrespectful game we watched tonight, LeBron is 10-2 against the Raptors in the playoffs. They haven’t beat LeBron and company in a SINGLE playoff game since 2016. Plus his averages improve:




*60% from the field

*41% from the 3

It’s over for the Raptors, they just don’t have an answer for him and he doesn’t seem them as a threat. Tonight the Cavs took a commanding 2-0 lead heading back to Cleveland and even though LeBron took 28 shots he made them look easy. The Raptors tried everything, they literally put any man on the court against LeBron and he disrespected them all. Not only did he trim his nails and yell at the crowd “get off me” be he also dropped 8 fade away buckets in the 2nd half of the game against them.

LeBron took their soul and the fans soul as well. Hell Drake even stopped looking alive (I love that song) and was on his phone.

LEBRON OWNS THEM PERIOD….go ahead and hit the panic button for this newly found Raptors team ( they went missing) and bring out the broom.

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They have no more momentum and this Cav team is going for a sweep against this team for the 2nd year in a row.


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