WWE Backlash 2018 Predictions

WWE is ushering in a new but very familiar era as every PPV will be co-branded until further notice (you know Vince can’t make up his mind). This PPV will be the beginning of the spring and summer season in WWE and its looking very promising. Headlining this event will be another encounter between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura  for the WWE Championship. But let’s not keep you waiting here are my predictions for the upcoming PPV:

Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman beat Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

braun strowman bobby lashley vs kevin owens sami zayn backlash

There is no way Bobby and Braun lose this match. I love Kevin and Sami Zayn but Braun has all the momentum in the world on his side. He is Goku and the WWE Universe is the spirit bomb just sharing all their energy with him. Solid match but in the end Bobby will take a beating and Braun will come in and clean up.

Seth Rollins retains against The Miz

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As much as I would love to see the Miz have another IC title reign it’s just not happening. Miz is on Smackdown and there’s no way that title is going to Smackdown with him. Rollins is making that title relevant and its not leaving his side for a long time.

Nia Jax retains against Alexa Bliss

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Nia finally had her moment and she is the Raw Women’s champion. Alexa is really no match for Nia no matter how hard they try. Nia is going to retain with ease.

Big Cass defeats Daniel Bryan

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This is a sad case. You would think that the WWE would ride the wave called Daniel Bryan to the promise land and they still could but they will use him to get over an up and coming talent first. Big Cass won’t squash Daniel Bryan but I’m calling the upset Cass will get a big win over Daniel Bryan.

Jeff Hardy retains against Randy Orton

I’m not sure what WWE is doing with Randy Orton anymore. Anyways this will be a solid match but Jeff will retain the title. I just don’t see what benefit it would bring by putting the US title back on Randy Orton.

Carmella stuns Charlotte

carmella vs charlotte backlash

A couple of weeks ago Carmella successfully cashed in and won the Smackdown Women’s championship. But now she has to face a way better wrestler than herself in Charlotte. I’m not sure how she will win but I think interference will happen by either Absolution or the IIconic Duo. Carmella will retain.

Samoa Joe beats Roman Reigns

roman reigns vs samoa joe backlash

Roman doesn’t seem like himself and looks to be changing. His run for face of the company is now flat and WWE would be stupid to try to keep this 2 year failing push going. He faces a familiar foe in Samoa Joe and he will fall to Joe. Joe is overall better than Reigns.

Shinsuke beats AJ for the WWE championship

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Shinsuke heel turn was a huge success and I don’t think they should stop there. His post WrestleMania match against AJ was great and this one will most likely live up to the Dream match expectations that it had at WrestleMania. Shinsuke couldn’t gain the title when he was a face but this Sunday he will live his dream and become Double U Double U E Champion!!!!!

Make sure you check out WWE Backlash this Sunday with the kickoff show starting at 7pm E/T and PPV beginning at 8pm E/T


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