NFL DRAFT: 3 Teams That Filled Most Important Needs

The draft is over and teams now look towards off season work outs and training camps. This list isnt necessarily  about which teams had the best drafts or the best players but its a list for the teams filled their biggest needs.

Heres the 3 teams that addressed long time glaring needs.

1) The New York Giants get the best player and fill need.

Round 1 (2nd overall): RB Saquon Barkley, Penn State
Round 2 (34th): G Will Hernandez, UTEP

Love what the Giants did. First of all they got Saquon Barkley whos not only the best player in the draft but he fills their biggest need. Then they come back in the 2nd round and drafted Will Hernandez to pair along side free agent pick up Left Tackle Nate Solder. Hes widely regarded as the second best lineman in the draft so its a huge pick up and fills a big need. Last season the line and running back position was so weak and pathetic but now they have locked up that left side for many years to come and Barkley being added to this offense gives them legit play makers at every level. They also got  a steal in QB Kyle Lauletta in the 4th round but hes no threat to start anytime soon but could be a pick for the future and for now a decent back up. Good job by the giants, they didnt panic and tear the house down but instead added some new furniture and decorations.

As i said in a previous blog about the Giants they want to win now. Alot of people thought they were in rebuilding mode and would draft a QB to replace Eli Manning and possibly trade Odell Beckham and start fresh but none of that happened.

They really feel like they can compete right now so they added players to their talented roster to do just that. I really think they will have a bounce back season.


2) The New York Jets get the best QB in the draft

Round 1, Pick 3 (No. 3 overall)

Sam Darnold, QB, USC


The Jets finally got something right thanks to some luck. A few months ago they were sitting at the number 6 spot and it looked like they would have a great chance of landing one of  the top QBs but they didnt know which one. The worst thing you can do is let other teams decide who you get left with and there was a chance they might have missed out on a QB if a team like the Bills or the Cardinals traded in front of them but they avoided that scenario and ill tell you what they did….

They moved from the number 6 spot to the number 3 spot a few weeks ago and only had to give up 3 second round picks, now i know what your thinking ”wow! thats alot!” but its not really. Think about what the Redskins gave up to get RG3 just to move up a few spots (multiple first and 2nd round picks) and what the Eagles gave up to get Carson Wentz. Its very rare that you can move up in the top 5 without giving up a first round pick so 2 second rounders this year and a 2nd rounder next year isnt alot to get your guy but it gets even better…..

The Browns did what they always do and messed up, rather then taking  Sam Darnold they took the red flagged Baker Mayfield 1st overall and then the Giants correctly took Saquon Barkley with the 2nd pick so the Jets were left with the 3rd pick to take Darnold which they obviously did with no hesitation. They would have taken him if they were picking  1st overall so to be at 6 and get essentially their 1st overall pick is huge and they didnt even give up a 1st rounder. They have been looking  for a franchise QB for ever and now they have one so finally they can look to the future and build around him.


3) The Indianapolis Colts FINALLY invest in some Offensive Linemen for Andrew Luck.

ROUND 1, PICK 6 (Sixth overall): Quenton Nelson, guard, Notre Dame

ROUND 2, PICK 5 (37th overall): Braden Smith, guard, Auburn


The Colts had a bunch of picks after trading with the Jets in the first round. They need help at literally every single position  and overall i dont think they had a great draft but they finally addressed the most important position which was easily the offensive line.

Andrew Luck has been beaten up since hes been in the league and since hes been in the NFL he leads the league in QB hits and that even counts the games hes missed so imagine that! The Colts passed on offensive lineman in the past to draft guys like Phillip Dorset and overpay at other positions leaving Luck vunerable. They missed on most of the lineman they brought in but in this draft they came away withe best one  in Quiten Nelson. Hes not only the best lineman in the draft but hes one of the top 3 best players overall and the beauty of this is that they would have taken him at 3rd overall had they stayed there but they got the extra picks AND got their guy.

Then they come back in the 2nd round and draft another lineman in Braden Smith giving the Colts 2 very solid day 1 starters. Now these arent flashy exciting picks but its exactly what the Colts needed because without Andrew Luck they arent going anywhere so now they have offered him some protection we all hope he can stay on the field and continue the great career that has stalled in the last few years.


Two Teams that failed to address needs

Seattle Seahawks

Ok i know they drafted Shaquem Griffin which is such an amazing inspiring story that we will write a blog about later on but they still didnt address the offensive line.

For the last few seasons Russel Wilson has been literally running for his life behind a horrible offensive line who cant pass protect or run block and time and time again they dont address it and they missed out again. They drafted a punter before they drafted their one and only lineman……..enough said


The Oakland Raiders

Chucky is rusty…..

Jon Gruden was wheeling and dealing but he was getting ripped off and teams were queuing up and calling the phones hoping to get a piece of the action, he was trading picks  as if he wasnt allowed to draft any players

listen to this….

He traded his 10th overall selection to go back to 15 despite having guys like Edmund, Derwin James, Mikah Fitzpatrick, Vita Vea and others on the board which would have filled huge needs and when he did draft at 15 he drafted a raw tackle in Kolton Miller which wasnt even their biggest need.

At one point he traded one of his 2nd round picks to move into the 3rd round then traded those picks to move up and draft a Tackle who was projected to go in the 5th round. He also drafted a linebacker with off the field issues and  missed out on several DBs.

They might have got a steal in 5th round pick Defensive Tackle  Maurice Hurst who would have been a 1st round pick if it wasnt for a heart condition that came up at the combine but even though he has been cleared to play its another risk but we are all  hoping he will have a great long career cause he has some serious talent.

The Raiders needed help on defense badly and they missed out on alot of players that could have filled holes, i mean they passed on the best safety Jerwin James TWICE!!! come on Gruden fix up







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