NBA: At this point Donovan Mitchell is clearly ROTY

We know the current debate of who is a better rookie between Donovan Mitchell and Ben Simmons. Both of these guys are impacting their teams in major ways and helped their teams go to the second round of the playoffs. Ben Simmons is this well round player that can do everything on the court except shoot a jumper but he is still affective. Ben is special but Donovan Mitchell has solidified himself as an all-star, a bonafide superstar. At this point it’s clear that Donovan Mitchell should be the ROTY.

Now I’m not knocking Ben Simmons accomplishments, he averaged close to a triple double this year and in the playoffs. Plus he was 3rd in the league with 12 triple doubles. He played a major part in the 76ers turnaround this season and that’s something that you cannot ignore. But seriously look at what Mitchell has done. Is he as well rounded as Simmons? No both of these guys play different styles of basketball. Ben Simmons still has to work on being able to take over games but Mitchells has already arrived.

The Utah Jazz just sent the Thunder packing after last night and Mitchell called series back in Game 5. Mitchell dominated this series. A rookie, who was the Jazz best scorer, DOMINATED the big three of OKC. They had no answer for him but they all praised him.

OKC played a tough series but Mitchell showed how mature he was and how he can seriously lead a team. They dropped game 1 to the Thunder but Mitchell came back in game 2 and played great. Gave us a steady 22 in game 3 then exploded for 33 in game 4. Then last night in game 6 he really showed he was ready to carry the load. Rubio went down early and the Thunder was trying to storm back but Mitchell out dueled Westbrook and eliminated the Thunder.

Mitchell dropped 38 points in game 6 on 14-26 shooting. He took over in the third quarter with 22 shooting 80% from the field, making 8 straight buckets including a pair of 3’s. Every time Westbrook answered Mitchell came back with an answer.  The kid is amazing and passed a really hard test early on.

For his first playoff series he averaged 28 points shooting 46% from the field which is very impressive for a rookie going up against 3 future hall of famers. Next up he has the Rockets who dominated them all year in the regular season but this is a different team and I think they are ready for the task but until then ladies and gentleman I think we are looking at the leagues ROTY and his name is

Donovan Mitchell.

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