NFL DRAFT: The Browns Predictably Blow It

The first round of the NFL draft is now in the books and as usual there were some surprises, winners and losers.

We will talk more about the draft and the  selections as the days go on so stay up to date on the site and check for daily blogs.


The Browns Predictably Blow It

I just knew the Browns would find a way to mess this up!! People said theres so many cant miss players to be taken early in the draft so it would be impossible to blow it but the Browns told EVERYONE to hold their beer and proceeded to do what the Browns do best.

Browns Select Quarterback Baker Mayfield with the 1st overall pick.and Corner back Denzel Ward with the 4th overall pick.

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Baker Mayfield going 1st overall shocked most people.

Seriously?? Listen Baker Mayfield is possibly the 3rd or 4th best QB out of the bunch and might not even be a top 10 player in this draft. He has had off the field issues along with questions about his maturity and character. Hes been compared to Johnny Manziel and he is not the ideal height for a QB. The 1st pick in the draft has to be pretty close to perfect with no obvious flaws so you cannot take a player with so many questions marks and potential red flags 1st overall especially if your the browns who have missed out in every way possible over the years. Not only that but there was a very good chance you could have got him at number 4….

In regards to his height Ive heard people say ”Well Drew Brees and Russel Wilson can play at that height so it doesnt matter” and while this is true how many other QBs without ideal height made it in the NFL? Name me 5 QBs 6ft or under that had a great career? Brees and Wilson are the exceptions not the rule. Personally it doesnt bother me as much but its still potentially another ”issue”

Ok lets try get positive. In terms of college production the Heisman Trophy Winner Baker Mayfield was off the charts and perhaps had the best college career out of all the QBs in the draft. While he might be cocky and overly confident this is why his teams mates love playing with him. He doesnt turn the ball over much and has some leadership qualities but the system he played in at college was very QB friendly, he wasnt asked to run a pro style complex offense and he played in alot of spread formations with easy reads so he will have to adjust to the pro game.

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Heisman Trophy Winner: Mayfield did have a great college career we cant deny that.

He strikes me as a guy that had a great college career but will not have a great pro career but i could be wrong. Since he was picked 1st overall the pressure is on to perform at a high level and he will forever be compared to the QBs that were taken after him.

With all that being said i guess i can somehow live with the Mayfield pick but where the Browns really blew it was picking Denzel Ward with the 4th overall pick. Now look i understand that he is the best corner back in the draft and he fills a big need but he was not even close to being the best player available at this point. Ward was seen as a player that could have gone between 7-13.

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Denzel Ward: Browns fill a need getting the best CB in the draft with the 4th pick

The Browns missed a chance to have the best  pass rushing duo for the next 5 years when they passed on the 2nd best player in the draft in Bradley Chubb….Chubb is a cant miss prospect and is even seen as a better player coming out then last years first overall pick  Myles Garret. Hes been compared to guys like Joey Bosa, Khalil Mack and Von Miller hes that kind of a dominant difference maker and if the Browns drafted him and paired him with Garret then that would have been special for years to come. It would be like having Mack and Miller on the same defense now imagine that. I guess you can say im more shocked they passed on Chubb rather then picking Ward.

Image result for bradley chubb sad picture
Browns passing on Chubb for Ward was a bigger shock then taking Mayfield overall

The Browns in my opinion didnt capitalize on the biggest draft in their history. They have been collecting picks for years now and they arent as far away from competing as they seem but after a pathetic 0-16 season  they really had to nail this draft in a big way and they failed to do so. End of the day they had the 1st and 4th overall picks in a very rich draft  and they came out with two players who werent even ranked in the top 10. what hurts the most is that they missed out on getting at least one of the two best players in the draft….Thats the Browns for you.



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