NFL DRAFT: Best Picks and Moves

So many teams filled needs and made moves to get the player they liked but theres some picks that stood above others. Now some of these could be the ”best” players but some could be based on a teams need and fit. These are my favorite picks and moves from last nights draft.

  1. The New York Giant  finally address the running back position in a BIG way

2nd overall pick – Saquon Barkley – Running Back

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The best player in the entire draft

This is kind of cheating because its a very obvious pick but we have seen teams miss lay ups many times so it counts. Barkley is widely regarded as the best player in the entire draft among all positions and the Giants have needed a running back since the days of Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw which was almost a decade ago. They completely ignored the position last year despite having literally nobody to run the ball but they not only address their biggest need but they get the best player in the draft. The Giants truly believe last year was a fluke and that they can win right now and adding Barkley helps every single position on the team.

The Giants will be getting back one of the leagues best play makers in Odell Beckham who missed most of last season with an injury. They have a very good number 2 wide out in Sterling Shepard and they have a potential superstar at the tight end position in Evan Engram. Adding Barkley all of a sudden makes this offense very dynamic with play makers at every position and dont forget they addressed the offensive line in free agency signing Left Tackle Nate Solder.

There was speculation that they would get a QB early in the drat but they believe Eli Manning has a few more years left. I know he looked bad last season but he was hung out to dry with no O line, no running game and lost his top 3 weapons including Odell Beckham so the blame cant be all on him. I dont think any QB could have done much in that situation so he gets another chance and has the faith of the new regime behind him.

The defense has enough play makers to get by and now Eli Manning has some help i think they can make another run or two at the division and the playoffs.


2) The Chicago Bears continue the line backer legacy

8th overall pick – Roquan Smith – Linebacker

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Monster of the midway: Smith hopes to follow Bears linebacker legacy

I LOVE this pick! It might not be the exciting like a QB or big time receiver but this pick is so perfect for Chicago. The offense could use another O lineman but overall the offense looks set and has been revamped the last couple of seasons so the focus goes to the defense and this guy is one of the top players in the entire draft.

The Bears have a long tradition of great middle line backers from Dick Butkus to Mike Singletary  to Brian Urlacher and now they may have the next great one in Roquan Smith. The Bears defense has some good young talent but lack that true leader in the middle and the Bears dont seem right without that beast linebacker roaming the field and now they have him. He is a three down linebacker who can do it all and will start day one and be flying from sideline to sideline and give Bears fans a fresh reminder that the Bears defense is coming back to its usual standards.


3) The New England Patriots stay put and fill needs.

23rd overall pick -Isaiah Wynn – Guard or Tackle

31st overall pick – Sony Michel – Running back

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Nate Solders replacement?


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Sony Michel should step right into the starting roll

This is very deep into the first round but let me tell you why these picks are so good. The Patriots need O Line help after losing Nate Solder in free agency and they addressed it getting the versatile  productive Isaiah Wynn. He can play guard or tackle and is the perfect Patriot player that will start immediately and be there for many years to come.

They also had the 31st pick in the  first round and got perhaps the second best running back in the draft in Sony Michel. He also fills a big need for the Patriots and may finally be the one consistent running back that they have lacked for the last several years. He can run between the tackles, can make people miss, can break tackles and he has the speed to go the distance on any given play. One thing he will be asked to do more in this system is catch the ball which he is more then capable of doing and if i was to compare him to an NFL running back i would say hes very similar to Alvin Kamara.

The Patriots filled two big needs and got alot better at the running back position. They  just continue to plug on despite the constant rumors of the dynasty breaking up and people panicking about the players they lost. Id even argue that they will be even better this season so just stop doubting them, trust me its better to just enjoy the ride instead of waiting for the crash. They also get credit for not losing any picks and staying put for the players they wanted. Great job as usual by the Patriots.


4) The Baltimore Ravens get their guys and a bunch of free picks

23th overall pick -Hayden Hurst – Tight End

32nd overall pick – Lamar Jackson – Quarterback

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Electric: Jacksons upside was to good to pass up

Image result for hayden hurst picture
Ravens finally fix the tight end position with Hurst.

How great were the Ravens last night? They are on this list because of the masterful job they did playing the draft perfectly while getting the guys they wanted all along. They wanted Lamar Jackson and could have taken him at the 16 spot which was rumored to be their pick but they traded down not once but twice and STILL got their guys. They also really wanted a tight end and they got the best one in the draft. That position has been vacant for a while with Dennis Pitta never being able to stay healthy and they got the guy they wanted here. They have added some wide receivers in free agency also so now all of a sudden this offense looks alot more complete but the running back position may need to be addressed.

They drafted perhaps the most athletic polarizing exciting  player in the draft in QB Lamar Jackson. Listen this guy might not be ready to start today but he is either going to be like Deshawn Watson or RG3…..hes a risk but he has such amazing upside and he can throw the ball and play in a pro style offense which he proved in college so dont buy the rumors that hes just a scrambling QB. He ran for over 3000 yards the last two seasons so that will be a big part of his game but since Joe Flacco is on the roster he will get to sit and learn for a year or two which is exactly what he needs. He could potentially be their next franchise QB so getting him this late could be a steal. We may not have seen a QB like this since Micheal Vick and the fact that they got him at 32 and not 16 shows why Ozzie Newsome is one of the greatest GMs of all time.


5) Denver Broncos dont bite on offers and get a stud.

5th overall pick – Bradley Chubb – Defensive End.

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Dominant: Bradley Chubb is the next great pass rusher in the league

This was easy for the Broncos. They get the 2nd best player in the draft and didnt have to move or give up picks to get him. Once the Giants took Barkley and the Jets took Darnold they only had to fear the Browns who were next on the clock at 4…..AND the Browns didnt disappoint! The Browns  end up taking Denzel Ward which was way to early and stunned everyone by passing on Chubb leaving him to fall into Denvers lap. They also get credit for not trading outside the top 10 with a team like the Cardinals and Bills or not biting on one of the QBs that was still on the board. They stood their ground and got a huge pick up in Chubb.

Sometimes in the draft its not what you do but what you dont do. He will go opposite Von Miller to create the best pass rushing duo in the NFL for the next 5 years or so


6) Buffalo Bills get their QB of the future and add potentially  one of the best line backers.

7th overall pick Josh Allen  QB

16th overall pick – Tremaine Edmunds – Linebacker

Related image
Cannon: Allen already has the strongest arm in the league and is a great prospect


Image result for Tremaine Edmunds
Potential: Once this guy figures it all out he will be considered a steal

The Bills traded up like we said they would in our Mock Draft but they didnt give up nearly as much as many thought they would. They had two first round picks and most people assumed it would take at least both those picks to move into the top 10 and get their guy. Maybe the way the draft played out helped their cause but they only gave up their two 2nd round picks to  go from 12th to 7th to get QB Josh Allen and then moved up from the 22nd selection to 16th to  get Tremaine Edmunds.

Now listen both these players are raw and may not be ready to start right away but their upside is as great as any player in this draft. Josh Allen has the biggest arm we have seen in more then a decade and  could have gone anywhere between 1-7 so getting him here could be seen as a steal.

They have needed a QB for the longest time so they hope they got their guy and he will compete with the little known AJ McCarron in camp for the job. If he has to sit for a year they would be fine with that and it could be what he needs but we have to see how the QB competition goes.

Tremaine Edmunds looks like a freak of an athlete. He can go side line to sideline and chase down any player on the field and can also pass rush in certain packages and hes only 19 years old. He may start out as a rotational player but once he learns more and matures as a player he could potentially be the best line backer to come out of the draft. Job well done to the Bills overall for investing in some very talented players.


Honorable Mention

L.A  Chargers draft  Safety Jerwin James 17th overall

Image result for derwin james picture
James could be the best DB in the entire draft

This might be the biggest slid of the first round and he could have easily gone in the top 10 so getting him at 17 is a huge steal  making this one of the best ‘value for draft position’ picks in the entire first round.



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