The Patriots should have Drafted Lamar Jackson

My boy Enimem once said :

“You better lose yourself in the music, the moment 
You own it, you better never let it go 
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow 
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime”

Hey just put it in terms of drafting players and you will catch my drift. Yesterday the Patriots didn’t only have 1 shot but they had 2 to draft a promising young talent Lamar Jackson. They swerved us. Yes we may have hyped it up in the news but all this talk of the Patriots prepping for the future AND  working out Lamar Jackson has us all believe that the Jedi known as Lamar Jackson will join the dark side and be coached by no other than Bill Belichik (Darth Sith).

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Instead they got 2 Georgia bull dogs. They got Isiah Wynn (G) with the 23rd pick and Sony Michel (RB) with the 31st. Picking up a guard was a good choice since they need depth on the line but the RB could have waited. There are many great RB’s in the draft but only 1 Lamar Jackson.

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The Patriots worked out Jackson twice and gave high praise and now it looks all for nothing. I don’t know, maybe the Patriots just have a problem with dual threat QB’s but the league is evolving. This year would have been a good year to go ahead and draft a successor to Tom Brady. Brady turns 41 this year and instead of being stuck on him they need to prepare for his departure. As much as he would like Brady is not going to play forever and Lamar would have been perfect.

Lamar has already shown off the field that he can handle the media. During the combine a lot of teams and the media pressured him to switch positions and he told them he is going to the draft as a QB and nothing else. He is a former Heisman winner and a 2 time ACC player of the year.

During his career at Louisville he went 22-11 but showed outstanding playmaking skills and athleticism on the field.

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Mr. Dual Threat should be his name. He is the ONLY player in FBS history to rush for 1,500 yards and throw for 3,500 yards in a season and he did that not once but TWICE. He reached the end zone 119 times ( ran 50 times and thrown 69 times). The biggest argument was his accuracy which was 57%. That’s something that can be improved and there are a lot of QBs in the league who throw under 60%.

The Ravens got a steal and that does leave a question of what happens to Joe Flacco? The Patriots missed out on a QB who could have been groomed as a great successor to Tom and could have probably been even better years down the line. But hey Lamar said it himself:

“There is a chip on my shoulder. Both shoulders. I’m not mad. It’s just motivation.”  “They’re going to get a Super Bowl out of me. Believe that.


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