The Falcons got a steal with Calvin Ridley

The Falcons are my dark horse for this upcoming season and they are predicted by a lot of people to be barley over 500. Draft night is a big night for all teams. You can either keep building on what you already have or build for the future of your team. It’s only been one day and I know a lot of fans expect the falcons to go after someone on the defensive side of the ball with their first pick but they got a steal by taking Calvin Ridley.

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A lot of teams who needed a wide out passed on Ridley but the Falcons just added more depth to their high powered offense. They lost Taylor Gabriel and this is a very good replacement. Just think about that scary offense the Falcons possess. They have Julio Jones, Muhammed Sanu, Devonte Freeman, Telvin Coleman and now Calvin Ridley. This offense is going to be too unpredictable. They can put him on the outside or at the slot and just mix all three of the wide outs around. The best part for him is that a lot of teams will be preparing for Julio Jones so his life should become easy.

This is the first wide out the Falcons have selected within the first 3 rounds of a draft since they got another Alabama native Julio Jones.

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Day one is in the books and this pick gets an A+ in my books. What’s next? I expect the Falcons to handle some of the issues on the defensive side of the ball. Draft a defensive tackle or maybe even another CB to go along side Trufant. The Draft continues tonight at 7 we will keep you updated as the draft continues.

Calvin Ridley finished his career with a National Championship win over Georgia in the Mercedes Benz Stadium. He also finished second in Alabama history in receptions(244) and touchdowns(19).


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