NBA Playoffs: Warriors vs Pelicans questions; facts; prediction

The most intriguing match-up in the playoffs will be upons us on April 28th as the Warriors face off against the Pelicans and here for you i have 5 curious questions, some facts and of course my prediction for the 2nd round match up.


  1. Are the Pelicans for real?
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Anthony Davis is hungrier than ever stepping into a 2nd round match up with the Warriors

The Pelicans knocked off a big fish in the first round but the Warriors are a megalodon. They have way more fire power than the Blazers and play at a completely different pace. The Trail Blazers may have had the best backcourt scoring duo in the league this year but the Warriors are champions and playing championship basketball right now.

  1. Can the Warriors contain AD?
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Will the Warriors be able to contain AD?

Draymond will do most of the work guarding AD but that won’t be enough. AD averaged 33 points 12 rebounds 4steals/blocks in the first round sweep of the Trail Blazers. JaVale maybe there to stop AD in the paint but he can score on the perimeter as well and creative with the basketball. It will be interesting to see how the Warriors will try to contain this more driven and hungrier version of the Brow (damn I forgot the Brow is no more).

  1. Can Jrue Holiday lock down Klay Thompson?
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Klay is a 2 way player that can cause Jrue hell on both sides of the ball.

Jrue did a great job shutting down Dame Time but Klay is a different beast. He is a way better shooter than Dame and will run circles around you if you let him. Klay put up numbers in the first half with Steph’s absence. He averaged 22 points a game shooting 565 from the field and 52% from deep during those 4 wins.  Klay is also a better defender than Dame so it will be interesting to see if he will be able to bring that same intensity into the first round. The best thing he can hope for is an off night and if Klay has one Jrue and the Pelicans better take advantage of having 1 less problem to deal with.

  1. Who is going to stop Durant?
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Huge question that the Pelicans need to try and answer soon’ Who will guard KD?

Durant will cause a major problem for the Pelicans. Stop maybe the wrong word to use and I’m not sure If he can be contained. Pelicans don’t really have any one at the 3 position who can really pose a threat to KD and that is much needed.

  1. Will Curry play?
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Will curry come back in this series?

Curry has been out of action for a while and with the Warriors winning the way they are he might not come back until the WCF (if they make it there). How much confidence does this organization have in this team? If they go down in this series 2-0 or 3-1 will they call in Curry to save the Warriors?


  • The warriors have beaten the Pelicans 24 of the last 26 games they played including the playoffs.
  • The Pelicans are 15-2 when Rondo gets 12 assist or more
    • Pelicans are 22-6 when they get 29 or more assist in a game


While there are many counting out the Pelicans, there is also a group of fans saying they will pull off the upset. I’m a big KD fan and it’s hard to bet against this Warriors team but this is a new year and the playoffs are good this year and very competitive. The Warriors may have a lot of weapons but I think the Pelicans will figure out a way. I’m calling Pelicans taking the series in a very close 6 games.

Pelicans in 6

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