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The NFL drat is finally here and it looks like the most unpredictable one in the last few years. Amazingly theres possibly 6 QBs that go in the first round and potentially 5 in the top 10. Although theres alot of good QBs in the draft there is not a clear cut number 1 guy like say Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck. Each QB has flaws and question marks which makes this more interesting…The top 3 players in this draft are actually at other positions but with QBs being the most important position of all we see teams go all in to take them early and even sell the farm to land one.

Normally these things never go as planned and have most of us looking foolish but we’re going to give it a try anyways. Heres our top 10  Mock Draft.


1) Cleveland Browns Select – Saquon Barkley – Running Back

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I dont care if ”your not supposed” to take a running back number 1 overall….it would be stupid to pass him up just because you dont want to spend a 1st overall pick on him.

Everything hes shown on the field and at the combine warrants 1st overall status. He is widely regarded as the best player in this draft and players like this dont come around very often.Think about what Zeke Elliot and Leonard Fournette has done for their teams as rookies leading their teams to the playoffs after missing it the year before they got there, running backs help all parts of the game especially the quarterbacks and if Cleveland does get a QB with the 4th overall pick. Having a running back of Barkleys caliber will reduce the pressure on the young QB and also help keep the defense fresher by controlling the clock a bit more. Im aware that you can find running backs later in the draft, guys like Jordan Howard, Kareem Hunt, Alvin Kamara were all taken in the 3rd round or later but how many running backs drafted that late have flamed out out of the league or failed to be the bell cow for offenses? Since none of the top 5 Quarterbacks in this draft are slam dunk 1st overall material Cleveland can still land a pretty good one with the 4th pick if they get the chance.


2) The New York Giants Select – Sam Darnold – Quarterback

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The Giants are left a bit shell shocked here, they really and truly wanted Barkley and thought the Browns would go with a QB number 1 but now that they have lost their guy they are torn between Bradley Chubb and Sam Darnold who was projected by most people to go 1st to the Browns and is seen as the best QB in the draft. With Eli Manning on the back end of his career they decide that they cant pass Sam Darnold at number 2 who eventually take over for Eli Manning, i could really see them going with Bradly Chubb here also but with a rebuilding process likely to happen sooner rather then later they decide to get a pick for the future and roll with the guys they have right now for one more run at the post season before they tear this whole thing down. Chubb would make this team better but he wont put them over the hump like what Barkley could have done so even though they are in win now mode they pass on the great pass rusher.

(Side Note: If the Browns pick Darnold first then the Giants for sure pick Barkley)

3) The New York Jets Select – Josh Rosen – Quarterback

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The Jets finally get their franchise Quarterback. Josh Rosen is the best passer in the draft and is worthy of going number 1 but there has been some questions about his attitude and demeanor which has put some teams off. I say thats all rubbish….hes done nothing but show he can play football year in and year out and is a very smart hard working player and out of all the QBs in this draft he is the most pro ready right now so the Jets pass on Baker Mayfield and go with Rosen. There have been reports about him not loving football because he has a rich family and doesnt NEED to play but i think thats nonsense……if anything the fact that he doesnt have to play but is still there putting in work and putting himself in this position to be a top pick in the NFL draft means he does obviously have the passion to be great and to play the game of football. The Jets moved up and are in an all in situation here so they cant afford to mess up by taking a red flagged QB like Mayfield here despite how good he is.


4) The Cleveland Browns Select – Josh Allen – Quarterback


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This might be a bit to early for Josh Allen but the Browns cant afford to miss out on one of these guys, they have passed on guys like Watson, Carson Wentz and Derick Carr in recent memory so they get the Quarterback with the biggest arm that we have seen in a decade, his arm is so powerful and he has underrated movement, hes a big guy who will be hard to bring down (think Ben Rothlisberger but with a bigger arm) The knock on Allen is that he has accuracy issues and while this might be true he has improved his mechanics during the off season and draft process which built up his stock to be even considered the 1st overall pick by some people. He might not be ready to throw into the fire right now but the Browns have Tyrod Taylor who can hold down the fort for 8-16 games while the rookie gets up to the game speed so its a perfect situation for him.If he doesnt start this season he should start next year and with some coaching from Hue Jackson for a whole year on the bench he will have time to fix the accuracy issues. Overall he might have the most potential out of all the top QBs in this draft. This gives the Browns their running back and Quarterback of the future and with the weapons they have on the outside this offense could take a huge leap forward sooner rather then later.


5) The Denver Broncos Select – Bradley Chubb – Defensive End

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The Broncos are thrilled that Chubb has fallen to them. They might have considered the Mayfield route but it wasnt in their best interest to draft a QB in the top 5 this year as they have Case Keenum on the roster and are in win now mode. They dont want to start all over again with a rookie while this defense still has a small window to win another championship so instead they add the 2nd best player in this draft in Bradley Chubb to pair opposite Von Miller. The Broncos liked Case Keenum even more then Kirk Cousins so they feel they have their guy to take them to the playoffs so adding a player that can help right now is their priority and what makes it even better is that hes a total steal at this point, hes not only the best defensive end by far in this draft but hes arguably the 2nd best player in the entire draft and is even seen as a better prospect then last years 1st overall pick Myles Garret. The Broncos dont have alot of time left and have lost some good players but adding Chubb gets them back on track for another run or two.


6) —TRADE—!! The Indianapolis Colts trade the 6th overall pick to  The Buffalo
The Colts receive the 12th 22rd 53rd and next years 1st to move into the 6th spot.


The Buffalo Bills Select Baker Mayfield – Quarterback

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The desperate Buffalo Bills compete with the Cardinals to trade up and get FLEECED by the Colts to move into the top 10 to get their franchise quarterback. Its a big price to pay giving up two first round picks and a 2nd but its the price you have to pay if you are outside the top 10 and they had to offer more then the Cardinals  to move inside the top 10. (Before you say anything its not giving up 3 first rounders as one of them is being exchanged for the 6th so its 2 firsts and a 2nd rounder extra) The Bills have been trying to find their franchise QB since the days of Jim Kelly decades ago and are in an all in desperate situation so they dont care what price they have to pay and the Colts know this. If you think that the bills mid and late round picks in this years draft will be enough to move into this spot then you really are dreaming. It makes sense for the Colts because they arent a player or two from competing so getting even more picks now allows them to rebuild the team in many different places. Remember they also robbed the Jets in a trade earlier this off season moving from 3rd to 6th.

Anyways they are left with the most controversial Quarterback Baker Mayfield. He perhaps has had the most productive college career out of the bunch but he has had off field issues and has been compared to former bust Johnny Manziel. These comparisons arent fair at all and he doesnt have the same issues as Manziel who had drug,alcoholic and domestic abuse problems.He also wasnt as dedicated to football as Baker Mayfield who only had minor issues that point more to a young kid simply making bad immature decisions but never the less hes a much better passer and hes possibly the most accurate QB in this draft and if you just look at the tape hes worth a top 5 selection so the Bills hold their breathe and get their guy. His height at 6ft also helped his slide in the draft but this guy can play football so im not concerned about that. He may be asked to step right into the starting roll as the Bills as usual dont have a competent QB on the roster.


7) The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select Derwin James – Safety

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The Bucs have done a great job reinforcing their offensive line and defensive line and they have play makers on offense so they add the hard hitting safety from Florida. They could go corner here but they have a bigger need for safety so this move makes sense.

8) The Chicago Bears Select Quenton Nelson – Guard

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The Bears need protection for their young QB and more help up front for that great running game and they get the best Offensive lineman in the draft with Nelson who could have gone much earlier. The Bears need help at alot of positions but they continue the rebuilding process by solidifying the line. Its not an exciting pick but you can plug him right in on day one and have a pro bowl starter for the next 10 years.


9) The San Francisco 49ers Select Denzel Ward – Corner Back

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San Fran is happy to get the best corner back in the draft right here. They have done a good job building that front 7 on defense and need some defensive backfield help so this is an easy pick, they still need help on offense but this spot is to early for the wide receivers and running backs so they continue their rebuilding process getting a day 1 starter at cornerback in Denzel Ward to pair opposite All Pro Richard Sherman. This should settle that position for years to come. With Kyle Shanahans system and his creative genius coaching they can find offensive players later in the draft.

10) The Oakland Raiders Select Minkah Fitzpatrick Saftey//Cornerback

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The Raiders wanted James but they will settle for the most versatile defensive back in the draft. Once thought of as a top 5 pick his stock slid  and other DBs rose above him but hes a great player who adds value as he can play the Safety position and also come down and play the slot. In todays NFL with so many teams going 3 and 4 wide receiver formations his skill set will prove valuable for a team that desperately needs defensive back field help. Their offense seems set and they have a beast upfront in Khaill Mack so this could be a step in the right direction to finally fix that backfield that has been an issue for ever it seems.



And there you have it, thats our top 10 mock draft. Of course it might not go the way we see it and everyone will have something to say about every mock draft out there but thats what makes this fun. Cant wait to see how this shakes out….its the most anticipated draft in the last few seasons with so many legit blue chip players and franchise Quarterbacks. Lets see if we get it right or completely wrong (which will probably be the case!)





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