Drew McIntyre is poised to make his 2nd WWE run memorable

Drew McIntyre made his presence known with his heart to heart promo on Monday that captured the attention of the WWE Universe. He is more over in 2 weeks than Roman has been in an entire year and has yet to give us a memorable match on the main roster.

The one thing I can say for sure is that he is back and he immediately silenced all doubts and put himself on the map for a major push one day.

Drew McIntyre is poised to make his 2nd WWE run something memorable. I mean its already started off hot when he spoke in front of the St Louis crowd and then later went on to “Pledge Allegiance to Authenticity” on twitter right after it.

Drew has been gone for three years and since then he has gotten bigger and more skilled in all areas. Like Ziggler said he is Dangerous.

McIntyre is set to get a push somewhere down the line as a singles competitor but I think they need to go a step further. Vince has been project Roman for far too long and I think it’s time he moves on. Vince loves his big guys (no homo) and if he needs someone to be the face of the company then look no further to Drew. I mean come one he has a chip on his shoulder and put everyone on notice. He is already over with the fans. He told you himself this is what a Wrestler looks like. In ring abilities already surpasses Roman Reigns and most importantly he is good on the mic.

Either way it goes I am excited to see what they will do with him and I hope they eventually give him a push for the world title. The future is bright and Drew will make sure he cements his legacy the second time around.


4 thoughts on “Drew McIntyre is poised to make his 2nd WWE run memorable

    1. Easy. Drew is on another level. New found fire, he is way better in the ring and over with the fans. Their going to keep him with dolph for a tag team push then let him go solo

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