NFL Schedule Predictions 2018

Every record prediction for every team. If you want to see your team schedules click on the links below. Enjoy!!!

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

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Jason Garrett is on the hot seat this year im 100%%%% positive he is. The offseason has been unforgiving to the Cowboys as they let go Dez Bryant and haven’t really filled any of their needs. Luckily they get Zeke back for a full season this time and Dak can bounce back from the sophomore slump. They still lack a playmaker at the Wideout postion but they will probably draft a WR in the draft. They have 7 games against teams that made the playoffs last year and of course 2 against the eagles. They don’t have the easiest schedule but as we know the Cowboys are a every other year team and this is the other year and could be a up year for them.

Prediction: 8-8

Washington Redskins

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Redskins made noise early when they traded for Alex smith but can he make the same noise in Washington as he did in Kansas? The Redskins need some help, Alex doesn’t have the same weapons he had in Kansas nor does he have that defense. Jay Gruden is on the hot seat and will most likely be out as I don’t see this team going to the playoffs. They play some really good defensive teams this year and that offense is helpless.

Prediction: 2-14

Philadelphia Eagles

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The Eagles did what a lot of championship teams don’t do….they added more talent. They traded for the Seahawks best lineman and they added quality veteran in Holati Ngata to the best defensive line in football today. They restructured the best insurance policy in the NFL (Nick Foles) and paid him well. They have a pretty testy schedule this season and it all starts facing Falcons on Sept 6. Carson Wentz may or may not be back but either way this team is built for another run to the Super bowl.

Prediction: 13-3

New York Giants

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The good news is they will get ODB back next season the bad news is this team is broken. They traded away JPP and Eli is way out of his prime. The draft is Thursday and hopefully they go for a young QB instead of Saquon. It’s time to move on from Eli. This team is doing what they won’t admit which is rebuilding and they start off with 7(count them) 7 tough games. This schedule shows no mercy for them as they are poised to be back in the top 5 next year at the draft.

Prediction: 3-13


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