Marvels Infinity War Predictions

With Infinity War less than a few days away and everyone putting out their articles with plot predictions and who’ll live and die…well, I thought I’d do the same with my own personal spin on how I think things will play out. Keep scrolling for more!

Cap Lives

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Because of the announcement of Chris Evans remaining to film Avengers 4 as part of a time traveling plot, it is very unlikely that Captain America will be killed in this movie. In the original Infinity Gauntlet storyline, however, he did stand up to Thanos and tried to fight him man to man as best he could before Thanos broke his shield and passively slapped him to death after the Silver Surfer’s plan to steal the Gauntlet while Thanos was distracted failed. The movie likely won’t give Chris Evan’s Captain America nearly the same disrespect at the Mad Titan’s hands.

Iron man

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 Lives Much the same as Captain America, he’ll appear in Avenger’s 4 so his death at Thanos’ hands is equally unlikely. Unless the movie has a deus ex machina up its sleeve to resurrect all of the characters that may die, Robert Downey Jr as Iron man is safe. In the original story, however, as Iron Man wasn’t nearly the megastar that he’s become, he was decapitated off-panel by a creation of Thanos called Terraxia, no relation to the villain Terrax before being restored to life by Nebula wielding the Gauntlet.

Thor Dies

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Thor is also appearing in Avengers 4, but I think his fate will be far different than Iron Man or Cap. I foresee, as an end to his story with Loki, him sacrificing himself fighting Loki for the tesseract or dying as he tries to fight Thanos. Either way, I don’t expect Thor to make it out of this movie alive. In the Infinity Gauntlet storyline, however, Thor had been merged with a human named Eric Masterson and himself had not appeared in the fight.

Scarlet Witch Lives

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With Scarlet Witch being one of the newer faces of the franchise, Marvel is likely going to have her survive the ordeal and possibly help in filling out the Avengers roster in future movies. Also, with the Disney/Fox deal looming, they could likely introduce mutants through her if she unleashed some of the reality warping powers she displayed in the House of M storyline, where she, alongside Magneto, made the world a paradise for mutants, leaving humans to fend for themselves underground. Though, the movie could also make it so that she’s killed by Thanos as in the old story itself.

Vision Dies

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Outside of being the love interest for Scarlet Witch, which would make for a great movie, The Vision’s personal story was over after the death of Ultron. The previews have shown him getting attacked by The Black Order for the Mind Stone in his head, so it is very unlikely that he makes it out of this film alive.

Hawkeye Dies

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I’m going to say it. Quicksilver should have lived and let Hawkeye die in Age of Ultron. If Joss Whedon really felt that it was a “war movie” as he called it, then having Hawkeye, the one person with a family, bite the bullet would have been so much more effective. Hawkeye wasn’t even part of the original Infinity Gauntlet story, having been erased with half of the universe by Thanos. This movie has a chance to rectify that and I believe that they’re going to take it.

Black Widow Lives

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 As soon as the announcement for a Black Widow movie was made, I gave up the notion that ScarJo was going to die in Infinity Gauntlet. With her serving as part of Cap’s Secret Avengers, she’ll likely see things through to the end, maybe even getting like a shot or two in on Thanos himself if she’s lucky.

 Spider-Man Lives

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Spider-Man already has a sequel in the works, but his appearances in the trailers have been pretty scary. If he doesn’t die, he’s going to be hurt and scarred, likely to a similar way that Iron Man was in his third movie, but I think he will survive. Fun fact, Spider-Man was also killed by Terraxia in Infinity Gauntlet.

Black Panther Lives

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Much the same as Spider-Man, with an almost guaranteed spot in future Avengers movies, Black Panther will survive the fight with Thanos. Though Black Panther was absent in the original storyline, he did appear in the Infinity storyline, centered around the Inhumans. He served as the King of the Dead of Wakanda and fought against Proxima Midnight and Black Dwarf as he helped to defend Wakanda and his Necropolis domain. If a Wakandan were to die, it would be Shuri, who had been serving as The Panther at the time and ended up being “killed” by Proxima.

Bucky Dies

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Stunning, I know, but I think Bucky will die. With the idea that someone will have to take up the mantle of Captain America and that person being Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier, now called White Wolf, it only makes sense for him to do what Captain America would do; sacrifice himself so that his friends could get away. His death could be the perfect segway for Doctor Strange to complete a time spell, sending the Avengers 4 time travelers to the past or future or wherever they’re going.

Doctor Strange Lives

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 Doctor Strange also has a sequel on the way and unless the time travel plot of Avengers 4 brings everyone that may die in Infinity War back to life, Strange is safe, if not only because he could pull a similar time trick in this movie that he did in his own. Will he get the magical smackdown by Ebony Maw and lose the Time stone, maybe, but I doubt he’ll die.

Ant-Man Lives

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Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man is also part of the Avengers 4 cast and will also survive the movie. If not for this, I would have concluded that Ant-Man would die, especially since his own sequel, Ant-Man and the Wasp is sort of a prequel to Infinity War. I don’t really know how much more he can contribute to the Marvel Universe after that, maybe pull the plug and make Hope Pym’s Wasp the villain that she is in the MC2 universe and call it a day?

SOME of the Guardians Live

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With such a lovable cast of characters and a third movie on the horizon, I don’t foresee the ALL of the Guardians going anywhere, but a sizable portion, maybe. Drax and Gamora have unfinished business with Thanos that will likely leave them dead at his feet, same with Nebula if she shows up. Star Lord is the face, Rocket is the heart and Groot had already “died”, so I don’t think any of them will fall.

War Machine Dies

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War Machine already had his brush with death in Civil War, but if Marvel really wants us to feel it, especially with Tony involved, they’ll commit to killing Rhodey. Also, while I personally love Don Cheadle in the role, I don’t think he can do it much longer and may have to turn the armor over to someone new, same with Tony after a Avengers 4.

 Falcon Dies

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 Another  truthbomb incoming. While everyone, myself included, loves Falcon, no one really cares about him in any of these movies. I think Marvel wants to change that and will likely make him more compelling in the future, but to do that I think they’ll need to kill him off first. He’ll need to sacrifice himself for the team like Bucky and maybe come back to life in Avengers 4. It may give us the passion for the character that we need in order to care about him the future

There you have it, my thoughts and hopes for who will or won’t survive from the principal cast. If things play out this way, I’ll say I told you so and we’ll all have a righteous good time as we wait for the next movie and whatever the future holds, but if these are wrong, well…they made their decisions and I still think they’ll work, just not the way I want them to. Until next time!


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