NBA: 3 Take Aways From Game 3

Golden State Warriors Continue Clean Sweep

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Kevin Durant is doing his part till Curry comes back

Golden State – 110

San Antonio Spurs – 97

Game Series: 3-0 Golden State

Any hopes of the Golden State Warriors losing in the first round due to currys injury and questionable play in the last month of the season is slowly fading away.

Remember when people were ready to say the Warriors run could be in trouble after finding out that Curry will not play in the first round? This wouldnt normally be as much a concern as they have so many other great players but they werent playing their best ball towards the end of the season and didnt look to inspired going into the playoffs but the Warriors seem to be back on track or are they?

I always felt they just didnt have much to play for and with the season winding down their focus was clearly getting rest and healthy for the big playoff run, i never thought they would lose a game series but i didnt think they would sweep the Celtics but its still early and the Spurs could turn things around but if the Warriors make it out the first round and get Curry back then they are again the super heavy favourites to reach the finals.

Kevin Durant had another good game scoring 26 points but this game wasnt exactly a blow out, they won every quarter but didnt win any by more then 6 points but end of the day it was enough to get the job done.

They now lead the Spurs 3-0 and like i said if you dont catch them while they are hurting when will you catch them? Im here to tell you they will be in the finals again but most of us who didnt panic at seasons end already knew that.


The Cleveland Cavaliers Remain Consistent.

Indianapolis Pacers – 92

Cleveland Cavaliers – 90

Game Series : 2-1 – Pacers

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Whats wrong with this team???

Well im not surprised here….why do i say they are being consistent? Its because this is what they have done all season. One game they look great in another game they will look great in spurts and other games look flat old slow and sluggish and unmotivated….

Well today was another Cleveland Special. I still think they will win this series but im getting sick of this roller coaster but let me  tell you what they did.

They lead at half time by 17 points, this was a similar situation to the previous game where they led by 18 points early in the game but remember the Pacers chipped away at the lead and came within 3 points late in the game. They actually had a wide open 3 point shot to tie it with less then a minute on the clock and if they managed to hit the shot the Cavs could possibly be 0-3 in the series right now.

Even though they won game 2 there was still an uneasy feeling going forward, this time when they lead by 17 you would have thought they learnt their lesson by closing out the game by keeping the same energy but they came out sluggish and slow in the second half and were outscored 23-12 in the 3rd quarter. Unlike game 2 they couldnt get away with it this time and they could never seem to regain the momentum that the Pacers stole from them, id be concerned as a Cavs fan because the Pacers dont seem to be afraid of them and even if they fall behind they have the confidence that they can come back and win.

Lebron James who had 28 points played pretty well and he had some more help from his only other all star in Kevin Love who had 18 points but they must find a way to close out teams. The same energy they have when they get out to big leads must be carried on for the whole game and it all starts with Lebron. He must simply forget about trying to get everyone involved and just go all in and dominate the rim more often because hes more then capable of doing it, waiting around for help and holding hands isnt going to get it done and as much of the work he puts in  he MUST step up and take it to the ‘greatness’ level that he constantly talks about achieving.

They are now 1-2 in the series and it might not be time to panic just yet but as this seasons history tells us we literally have no idea how they play going forward but if they lose this series to a team that they really should beat then i see Lebron leaving next season and he should. He owes us nothing and should play where he wants to.


76ers Put Wade and Heat Back In Their Place.

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Taking Over: Rookie Ben Simmons leading super hot 76ers charge.

Philadelphia 76ers – 128

Miami Heat – 108

Game Series : 2-1 – 76ers

Somewhere Kevin Hart is trolling Dwayne Wade.

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Long Distance Trolling: Hart didnt even make the game but still did his part from California

The 76ers might be the most exciting team in the playoffs led by Rookie Ben Simmons. I might be jumping on the bandwagon before its got its wheels but ive got my seat and i aint going anywhere. I really believe Ben Simmons is the next generational star for the NBA and hes been a big reason why the 76ers have got so hot late in the season and during the playoffs.

His overall numbers are pretty good scoring 19 points with 12 rebounds and 7 assists but what stands out to me is how well they are playing as a unit. Everyone is getting involved and doing their part and they are playing with a highly motivated inspired type of attitude. Maybe they just dont know any better as they are so young but that might be the edge thats driving this team and they can still get even better. Ben Simmons hasnt let the bright lights get to him yet and with their confidence riding high they might carry this momentum to the finals.

On the other side Dwayne Wade didnt play as well as he did in game 2. Listen i know hes a great player but you cant expect him to have those dominate games every week but the heat are a good team and have the veteran leadership to bounce back but the 76ers just seem like they are on their own mission.

RIGHT now i believe they can destroy the Cavs and Pacers. Apart from the loss they took in game 2 they have been on a roll and blowing out teams but theres still a long way to go and alot of ball to be played but im riding this bandwagon until im told otherwise.


Other Headlines from the NBA Playoffs.

Boston Celtics lose to Milwaukee Bucks in a surprise defeat 116-92

Game Series 2-1 Boston Celtics

The Bucks get a much needed win on the board to avoid going 0-3 in the series. They are still facing a tough battle to come out the first round but its a start.

Underdog Wizards Blow out Raptors 122-103

Game Series 2-1 Toronto Raptors.

The Wizards avoid clean sweep getting a win on the board….Are the Raptors going to choke again? I dont think so but theres something you dont trust about this team but they should win this series convincingly.



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