UFC Fight Night Barbosa vs Lee predictions


Tony Martin vs Keita Nakamura

This should be a very entertaining fight. Both guys like to stand and bang. Keita is a very scrappy in your face type fighter and so is Tony Martin, but the difference is for the lightweight division Tony Martin is very lengthy. He knows how to keep his distance and hit you with significant strikes all night. I believe it will stay on the feet for the most part and Tony is going to win that battle simply from his tenacity and being able to keep his range

Prediction: Tony Martin

Merab Dvalishvili vs Ricky Simon

Both of these guys are gritty grapplers and that’s where this fight is most likely going to be spent most of the time at and since that’s the case I’m going to go with the guy I believe has the edge in grappling and that is Ricky Simon

Prediction: Ricky Simon

Leslie Smith vs Aspen Ladd

Both of these girls are in your face type fighters and both are most comfortable grappling. This fight may end up in a grappling war so once again I gotta go with the person I believe has the edge which is Aspen Ladd. She is just a solid size for her division you can tell when she is in a dominant position it is hard for her opponents to do much.

Prediction: Aspen Ladd

Corey Anderson vs Patrick Cummins

Both of these guys are mainly wrestlers, but Corey has a significant advantage on standup he is flee footed compared to most light heavy weights also very quick and athletic for his size. Corey could just stand and run laps around Patrick on standup if he wanted to. Let’s not ignore the fact that Corey might even be the better grappler than Patrick. Basically Patrick has no significant advantage in this fight but Corey does and they are about same level of grappling so if I had to pick I’d say Corey.

Prediction: Corey Anderson

Sizar Bahadurzadq vs Laun Chagas

This should be a standup battle between two very good strikers. Sizar likes to load up and throw bombs at his opponents while Laun is very aggressive and quick with his striking. I believe Laun is the better fighter but this one will be close.

Prediction: Laun Chagas

Magomed Bibulatov vs Ulka Sasaska

Ulka is very tall for the flyweight division standing at 5’10. Although he is bigger than everyone flyweight he fights his skill doesn’t really show a lot these quicker fighters always seem to get inside and do damage. One thing I am impressed with though is that he is dangerous off his back if you aren’t being careful and he is never out of the fight regardless of how bad he is losing. Magomed though is a very disciplined fighter with advantages on both standup and ground as long as he doesn’t get too crazy this should be his fight.

Prediction: Magomed Bibulatov

Ryan LaFlare vs Alex Garcia

This is one of the closer fights on the card most likely to go to decision without a surprise. Both guys extremely talented on both ground and feet. Ryan is a very technical and lengthy striker while Alex likes to throw heavy hands on the inside. Ryan isn’t going to allow Alex to get inside and land at will though so Ryan is most likely going to win in the standup. In the grappling department both are extremely talented but Ryan seems to be very heavy when he is in dominant position he rarely makes mistakes on the ground so if Ryan just stays patient he should win this one.

Prediction: Ryan LaFlare

Jim Miller vs Dan Hooker

We all know Jim Miller is a very in your face type fighter gives no space to his opponents. Also he has the grappling advantage and the experience. I don’t believe Dan Hooker has any advantage in this fight. Dan Hooker will be too gritty for the young gun and too good at this stage of Hooker career.

Prediction: Jim Miller

Aljamain Sterling vs Brett Johns

This will be a very close fight I don’t expect a finish in this one at all. Brett Johns is a pressure style fighter who is a dominant grappler. Even though Johns is very good at wrestling Sterling is a long fighter who is hard to take down and keep down if you get him there. If Sterling can keep this fight standing for a good bit of the fight I believe he has the advantage their. I can’t see Johns holding Sterling down let alone taking him down a lot so I’m going to have to go with Sterling.

Prediction: Aljamain Sterling

David Branch vs Thiago Santos

David Branch is a very smart and patient fighter with an impressive background in jiu jitsu, he is very dangerous on the ground. Thiago is very tenacious and aggressive so they are two totally different fighters. Even though I believe Branch has a significant advantage on the ground, David isn’t as aggressive as you would want at times so he loses matches even if he fought a smart fight. Thiago is going to go after him all night and won’t settle for anything.

Prediction: Thiago Santos

Justin Willis vs Chase Sherman

Chase Sherman is a very quick and athletic heavyweight but it won’t matter again still Justin Willis. Willis is almost the exact replica of a Cain Velasquez, Daniel Cormier type fighter. Although he isn’t as fast or athletic of the two you can tell he learns a lot from the boys at AKA. He also hits very hard and precise. Justin will flat out just be the better fighter in this one.

Prediction: Justin Willis

Frankie Edgar vs Cub Swanson

This is a rematch between to of the greatest names in UFC history. First match went to Frankie with his all aroundness of elite footwork and top level wrestling. Frankie is too much for almost every opponent he faces. Cub is a skilled striker but I feel once again Frankie will just be too much for Cub.

Prediction: Frankie Edgar

Edson Barboza vs Kevin Lee

I’d say Kevin Lee has probably the best all around skillset in the lightweight division and he hasn’t even hit his prime yet. He is very good at closing distance to get to the grappling where he is most dominant at. Until Lee can get the fight to the ground though the longer he stays on the feet the more damage he will take. Barboza is one of the deadliest standup guys and history he pretty much hurts anyone on the feet. It’s up to Lee to close distance and make it a grit and heart fight over Barbozas playground. I believe Lee can pull it off though he has shown tremendous potential amazing work ethic and he understands what he has to do to keep improving.

Prediction: Kevin Lee


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