NFL: Eagles host Falcons in 2018 NFL Season Opener

Every team schedule drops today but throught the day various games have been announced and now we have the Season Opener. On Thursday, Sept 6 the Atlanta Falcons will travel to Philly to open the season in a NFC divisional round rematch.

The Eagles defeated the Falcons 15-10 in the NFC divisional round on their way to their Super Bowl.

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Eagles defeated the Falcons 15-10 in the Divisional round of the playoffs

The Falcons finished the season strong and they still look like they are a threat in the NFC while the Eagles have added to that unstoppable defense as they try to go to back to back Super Bowls.

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This is one of many games that have been released early. The entire NFL schedule will be released tonight at 8ET in a 2 hour special on ESPN.

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