MMA: Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley; Who would win?

Both Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar have made their place known in MMA. Both are signed by WWE at this point and there is no doubt in my mind that these guys will face each other one day (my bet is backlash for the WWE Universal championship). But the one thing that dawns my mind is what would happen if they were to face each other in the octagon. Both are legends in their own respective brand.

You have Brock Lesnar who accomplished something only few can say by holding the UFC heavyweight championship and a WWE Championship.

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Brock Lesnar just resigned with WWE but still has an active contract with UFC, projected to return in december

He is also making his return to the octagon later this year and it’s been rumored he will face the winner of Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormier for the UFC heavyweight championship. Lesnar has a 5-3 record in the octagon but made his presence known with his power, speed, top notch wrestling and you cannot forget his ground and pound. He has big wins over Frank Mir, Randy Couture, and Shane Carwin. 2 win by KO, 2 wins by submission and 1 decision victory.

Then you have Bobby Lashley.

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Early in his career he was compared to Lesnar. They both have great size, athleticism and can wrestle. Lashley went 15-2 in his MMA career and even balanced a career in Bellator with his career in professional wrestling for Impact (better known as TNA) wrestling before returning to the WWE. One of his most memorable wins was over the legend Bob Sapp. Lashley is very versatile with most of his wins coming by submission.

Tale of the Tape

  Brock Lesnar Bobby Lashley
Age 40 41
Height 6’3 6’3
Weight 265 245(last weigh in)
Reach 81” 78”


Both of these guys match up very well in in almost everything. Both are outstanding wrestlers and athletic as hell. Bobby may have more fights under his belt but Lesnar is a former world champion and knocked off 3 UFC hall of famer’s in his career. Who do you think would win if these guys ever step in the octagon?

Bobby Lashley


Brock Lesnar


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