NFL: Will Brady Retire?

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The short answer is no….i dont even know why we are entertaining this but since its big news lets try dig deeper into the situation.

There has been rumors of Tom Brady being unhappy with Head Coach Bill Belichik and we’ve seen more turmoil and whispers coming out of the Patriots orgganazation that we never heard of in the past but i still think that things are being overblown. Brady has been seen on the beach riding camels and kicking footballs and having the time of his life while the Patriots have started off season condtioning but its the first stages of the off season and hes been there for 18 years so its not a big deal so call me when he misses training camp or holds out of the regular season.

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Relaxing: Brady taking it easy early in the off season this time round has made headlines

However with reports of Gronk also being unhappy and mulling retirement we cant help but wonder if theres more to the story, we all know how grouchy Bill Belichik can be and the Patriots have a robotic way of handling the press and falling in line with no questions asked and its been that way for 20 years but we have seen cases of coaches being somewhere to long and maybe thats whats happening here.


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Grouch: This is Bill Belichick in a good mood believe it or not

I say suck it up!! Nobody has won more then the Patriots in the last 20 years and no sport franchise has been more dominant and no other organization will give you a chance to compete every year for a superbowl so yeah its tough and some players may get rubbed the wrong way but go ask cleveland or the lions if its any fun playing for 3rd or last place every single year, its about WINNING, its about WORK and GREATNESS so if you want this opportunity to play the game for superbowls then you have to sacrifice a bit of fun here and there but it sure looks like fun hosting Lombardi trophies and division crowns to me.

Winning is fun any way you slice it and guys like Danny Amedola and Malcom Butler who have spoken out against the patriots after they left will find out just how lucky they were to be on the winning side because i dont buy that losing is fun, you put in all that work in the off season and go 5-11 or 7-9 wheres the fun in that?

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FUN: Does this guy look like hes not having fun to you?

I think that alot of this stuff is overblown but perhaps there is a bit of truth to it but i see Gronk and Brady suiting up this season and again going 12-4 or 13-3 and in the mix to win another superbowl, it seems every year that people want to throw the Patriots under the bus and find reasons why they wont be successful but sorry NFL fans this dynasty is not done yet and even if it is over its been more then long enough and there wont be any regrets considering all they have achieved and when all these players and coaches are retired and they are looking at their rings and the success they had i think they will look back and realize what a great run they had….we wont ever see another team dominate for this long ever again it really is special so even if it can be boring and moody its totally worth it to be great.

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Players who play for the Browns would trade bags for rings anyday

Its not like every single team doesnt have issues that force players to leave or throw in the towel but because its so rare that we hear it from the Patriots its under a bigger microscope then usual but the truth is theres problems in every locker room the difference is not every locker room has 5 superbowl rings.



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