NFL: Can The Saints Reach The Superbowl?

Very early prediction but the Saints are my early pick to get to the Superbowl. The Eagles won it last year and look in position to try defend their title but its so hard to repeat in this day and age and i personally dont see them getting back there.


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Champs to beat: The Eagles will be getting everyone’s best shots next season

The Eagles and Vikings and LA Rams are likely favorites over them and have been getting all the headlines but ill explain why i feel they are ready to make a final run for it.

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Vikings and Rams are popular picks to win it all.


First of all they have Drew Brees one of the greatest Quarterbacks of our generation, even though hes widely recognized as one of the greats i still feel hes somewhat underrated.

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The Big Three Always Got More Credit Then Brees

He played in the same era as Brady and Manning who were clearly seen as the best in either order and they dominated the headlines always having their teams in position for deep post season runs despite who they had to work with on the roster and for some reason people wanted to add Aaron Rodgers into the mix (but thats an article for another day) so Brees has always been seen as the ”other guy” but hes actually thrown for more yards and Brady and has as many touch downs and better career completion percentage.



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Just as good: Brees deserves to be in the same conversation as Manning and Brady

The problem was Drew Brees  always had one of the worst defenses in the league and its a problem that could never seem to get fixed, he would always have his team in the game and it seemed like he literally had to score every single drive to even have a chance, the defense was constantly ranked in the low 20s or dead last but he wasnt the problem and he always did his part and without him the Saints would have struggled to even win 3 games.

Hes thrown for over 5000 yards 5 times while no other player has done it more then once, hes set several NFL records like consecutive games with a touch down pass and even held the record for most yards in a season at one point, if he had a defense that was even average or had elite weapons like Manning he would have won alot more superbowls or at least made the post season but i think now help is finally on the way and last year we saw the start of it.

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Frustrated: Brees taxed for carrying the entire load but help is on the way

First of all they FINALLY have hit on some defensive draft picks, after drafting busts and disappointments in free agency for years they hit it big last season drafting rookie defensive rookie of the year Corner Back Marshon Latimore and Safety Marcus Williams who is now a Minnesota Vikings hero and they still have a couple of veteran pro bowlers like defensive end Cameron Jordan, the first two games they got roasted and it was a case of ”oh here we go again” but after that they really settled down and were ranked in the top 5 for a long period during the season and finished inside the top 10, with another year for their young players to improve and a chance to draft and add some more players in free agency to sprinkle in and continue the momentum they have a chance to again finish in the top 10 which is huge for Brees and that offense.

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Swagger: The new Saints defense looks prime to take the next step

Speaking of offense they now have a deadly running game, maybe the best running back duo in the league with veteran Mark Ingram turning into a consistent pro bowl player and rookie of the year Alvin Kamara in the back field, Kamara is the perfect running back for this system because he can run,catch and run great routes and you can line him up anywhere on the field on any given play, you can even have Ingram and Kamara on the field at the same time which gives defenses fits and puts them in a bind of who to cover or double team. They also Micheal Thomas who i believe is the most underrated receiver in football and is a legit number 1 go to guy on the outside, hes been consistent making tough grabs and is great at converting 3rd downs as he can make the clutch catches in traffic and go for jump balls, he doesnt get the credit that Julio and Brown get or even AJ Green but hes very close to that level and he will only get better.

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Double Trouble: Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara


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Underrated: Micheal Thomas is as good as it gets on the outside

They added a couple of extra pieces in the off season and have some guys returning so this offense looks set to be as explosive as ever and with the pressure off Brees to carry the load  he can be even more effective just like he was last season, he may not throw for 5200 yards and 40 touchdowns but he can play a more conservative and productive kind of offense, hes getting up there in age but he hasnt slowed down at all and he has been signed to a two year contract which tells me the Saints dont believe hes done either. just look at these numbers from last season: 72% Completion Percentage, 4,334 Yards and 23 Touchdowns to only 8 Interceptions, this doesnt look like hes done to me.


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Loaded: Brees has everything he needs to make a run at the superbowl

So now Brees finally has the help he needs on defense and the offense back stronger and more versatile  then ever i dont see why they cant make a deep run into the playoffs, again if you got a guy like Brees, Brady or Manning you always have a chance and if you surround them with this much help then even they will tell you that they expect to compete for a superbowl, i mean who knows how far they would have got last season if it wasnt for a once in a generation play in last seasons show down with the Vikings * they could have potentially made the superbowl and as we saw with the patriots couldnt stop anybody so they might have ended up winning. You can see the highlight of the Minnesota Miracle below


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Bounce Back: Despite giving up the touchdown the Saints defense played well and will be back better then ever this season

They are as ready as any other team thats being headlined but they arent being talked about as much, perhaps people think that last years rise on defense was a fluke and they will return to the saints of old or maybe because its been so long since they have been relevant that they have simply been forgotten but  ive been waiting years for Brees to get some help and now that  he does im going to ride with the saints to make it to the big game and definitely win the division, its still very very early and the draft and preseason and all that off season stuff has to take place but i guarantee you that if the league sleeps on them they are going to get a massive wake up call.

The Saints are for real and its time they got some of the attention but maybe they like being under the radar…..this way they can sneak up on teams so when the season starts look out for this team and Brees to to make a deep run.



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