Lebron and Co. hang on vs Pacers To Win 100-97

Quite a good game in the end here, the Cavs stormed out to as much as an 18 point lead very early in the game lead by Lebron James and his 20 first quarter points it looked like the Cavs were on a mission to put the last beating they took behind them and all looked right with the world….

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Lebron exploded out the gate with 20 first quarter points to set the tone

BUT the Pacers didnt throw in the towel, they slowly chipped away at the Cavs lead and brought them selves to withing 6 points at numerous stages of the game and the Cavs just couldnt seem to fully put them away.

In the 4th quarter is where things started to get dicey, at one point they were within 3 points with plenty of time left on the clock and Cavs fans were starting to feel foot steps but they never once gave up the lead and managed to hold off any surge that the Pacers tried mount.

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Victor Oladipo  wouldnt let his team die

The closest the Pacers got was when Victor Oladipo had an open 3 point shot to tie the game late in the 4th but he missed and from there the Cavs held on for dear life for the win but Victor Oladipo a serious problem and if he wasnt the best player on the court that night he was defiantly 2nd. He was the star of the first game between these two teams and picked up where he left off but ultimately  it wasnt enough but he looks really good out there and can dominate the game if they let him. He ended up with 22 points.

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Ahead Of The Rest: This is turning into Lebron James vs Victor Oladipo

Lebron played a great game but he had a few dry spots, i was wondering at times why he wouldnt just take the ball to the rim and dominate like hes capable of doing but instead he would hang around pass the ball or try take long 3 throw shots, hes the kind of player that likes to get everyone involved but when its CRUNCH time the stars got to take over and just dominate the way everyone knows they can.


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MvP Case? Lebron carried this team to yet another win but must do more

It may be a bit unfair to criticize Lebron because he was by far the best player for the Cavs and he did have 46 points but he puts this all on himself claiming hes the greatest ever and wearing ”Im the King” logos on his boots so some of us have to nit pick at what he could do better, i personally believe he could have over 60 points a game if he took a more dominate line but i guess he knows what hes doing.

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Do the Cavs have a chance against teams like the 76ers?
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Big Favorite:  Even if the Cavs got to get to the finals do they have a chance?

Im still not fully sold on the Cavs going forward and right now i dont think they will even reach the finals with so many other teams playing more consistently but as long as you have Lebron you always have a chance and even though this was a better performance then game 1 theres still some things left to be desired but on a positive note at least we know the Cavs havent played their best ball yet so theres perhaps still more in the tank.



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