NFL: Gronk No Show For Workouts Big Deal Or No Big Deal?

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SO i wrote a blog a few weeks ago saying i didnt think Gronk would be traded or cut and i still believe that but the chances have gone from 5% to about 20%
Now listen attending voluntary work outs this early in the off season isnt really a big deal (Brady was also absent) but with all the questions surrounding Gronk its fair to wonder where this could be going and the microscope is bigger then usual.

He has spoke about retirement and possibly seeking other opportunitys like WWE or Movies and now we are hearing that he may be unhappy with his contract as well and on top of that a report came out saying Bill Belichik grilled Gronk about a work out regime in front of team mates which apparently embarrassed the star Tight End.

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Will he or Wont he be on the field for the Patriots in 2018?

It seems like things are adding up and we know what the Patriots are like, if they think your not all in for the team or that you could be a problem with contracts or in the locker room they WILL get rid of you in an instant and not look back.

This is why i think hes on shaky ground, if he was with any other team they would drag this out and even give in to his demands because of how great he is but the Patriots dont play like that, they will not only get rid of him but know they will be fine moving on without him because remember as great as he is the Patriots have done fine without him. Brady in 2016 went 8-1 without him including 2 playoff games won the superbowl he actually doesnt have a winning record in the superbowl with Gronk which is interesting.

Now im not saying he doesnt make the team and Brady better but if hes not there they can cover that up and will be on the hunt for the next big star and they will find him so threats of a potential hold out or indecision of his commitment to the team will not phase Bill Belichik or the Patriots so if hes planning on a hold out or thinks he can drag this on until they give him what he will find himself on another team.


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Welker was one of the many key productive players released over the years

The Patriots have got rid of guys like Lawyer Miloy, Richard Seymour,Wes Welker,Deion Branch,Randy Moss, Willie Mcginest, Vince Wilfork, Ty Law, Malcom Butler, Logan Mankins among others and not all of these guys were old and washed up either, Wes Welker had over 1000 yards and 100 catches the season before they cut him and was Bradys favorite target of all time and Richard Seymour was still in his prime when traded to the Raiders (deep) and Vine Wilfork proved he had some gas left in the tank and had a couple of good seasons with the Texans while Deion Branch wasnt far removed from being a superbowl MVP so if they can get rid of some of these important key members of their consistent success then they can do the same to Gronk who has had issues staying healthy and has missed alot of time in his career.


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KEY: As long as they have Tom Brady they will be fine

This could all be overblown and remember its voluntary work outs very early in the off season so he doesnt HAVE to be there but if this goes into training camp and the preseason then he will be gone. The Patriots will not drag this on like the Steelers are doing with Levon Bell they will move on way before the regular season and they will still continue to win…..just like they did when they got rid of everyone else.


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