NBA: Lonzo Ball wasnt a bust, He was just overhyped

Year 1 is in the books for Lonzo Ball. This has been a year of a rollercoaster for the Lakers rookie but there were signs of a lot of promise. Lonzo year was cut short due to injury but he played in 52 games and averaged 10pts/7ast/7rebs/2steals. He finished second in the league in assist and steals among rookies. Lonzo was seriously hyped up and it was all out of his control. Once drafted by the Lakers Lavar went on to state that Lonzo would lead this Laker team to the playoffs, hell if they had the talent he would have said they were going to win it all. Not only did that happen but magic Johnson gave the young man the Keys to the kingdom before his first Summer League tip off. One things is for sure the conversation of if he is a bust is out the window. Lonzo was far from a bust, he was just overhyped.

Summer League

Lonzo had a rookie year with a lot of fascinating moments that was overshadowed by his flaws. The hype started in the summer league. Lonzo walked in as the most must see rookie in the whole class and lived up to the expectations. He averaged 16pts/8rebs/9ast/2.5stls, the 9.3 assist was the most by anyone in Summer League history and he also nabbed a triple double which was never done before in the Summer League. He also went on to get the summer league MVP while wowing everyone for 11 days.

Regular Season

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Lonzo Ball regular season was full of suprises

 Zo’s season had plenty of stages. We all remember the dreadful first NBA game against the Clippers. He posted 3 points shooting 1-6 and loss by 16. Then he came back game 2 and dropped 29pts/11rebs/9ast against the Sun’s. Zo had the media looking at each other after every other game asking he is legit or is he a bust? Thus he had a cold start; as well all know Lonzo is just a terrible shooter. In his first 20 games he shot 30% from the field and 24% from behind the arc.

He then shows signs of promise over a 20 game stretch raising his average to 42.6% from the field and 40% behind the arc for the next 22 games and then went back to a poor performance for his final 10 games (32.4% from the field and a terrible 17% from the 3). He had some good performances in big wins over playoffs teams as well as close loses and one thing we know for sure is that he is a great defensive player. Lonzo suffered 2 injuries during the season that cut his year short but other than that his year was just a little above average with some dazzling moments

2017-2018 Exit Interview

The Lakers finished 35-47 which was a better record than last year and they showed a lot of promise with new additions like Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram showing out before falling to injury. Lonzo played a huge part in this offense and next year he should be the favorite to win the MIP award.

His shooting is terrible but we have to realize that’s not why the Lakers got him, he is an outstanding playmaker. Overall you can sum this season up as a little over average. He wasn’t a complete but and he was just seriously overhyped. Can’t wait to see what he has in store for his sophomore year especially if the Lakers pull in Paul George or LeBron James.


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