NFL: 5 Potential Landing Spots For Dez Bryant


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So lets skip the intro and get straight to the info, now Dez Bryant has been released from the Dallas Cowboys after 8 seasons lets look at 5 potential landing spots for the star wide out

1) Carolina Panthers

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This makes so much sense because the Panthers dont have a number 1 receiver on the roster right now so it fills  one of their biggest need and gives them their best option on the outside since the great Steve Smith. His personality can fit right in with this team as well as the Panthers are known to be emotional, out spoken and brash but more importantly they have fun on the field and are free to express their personality so his passion and will to win will be welcomed here.

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Cam Newton needs a go to guy and Dez would fit right in

The Panthers have a great defense and some good pieces on offense but Dez could make them complete and with offensive power houses like the Saints and Falcons in the division this could be the move that helps gets them to closer to their level. Cam Newton is a very good Quarterback who can make all the throws and he loves the big receivers and loves to give them chances on jump and deep balls which is something that Dez still can do, Dez is still only 29 years old and has gas left in the tank but hes going to have to take his game to the level we saw during his  pro bowl days and i think he can get close to that, hes motivated and hes been working on his craft all off season so i think this is a perfect fit and it gives Newton a much needed go to guy that he hasnt had in a while, the upside here is worth taking the gamble.



2) San Francisco 49ers

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Personally im not the biggest fan of this destination because the 49ers still have ways to go to contend for a deep playoff run but like the panthers it fills a big need, there is no receiver on the 49ers that scares anybody and offensive genius head coach would put Dez in the right position to utilize his talents and he will immediately become the number 1 option in San Fran, they also have the cap room to make this happen and the 49ers who are in rebuilding mode need talent everywhere so this could be a good fit for both sides.

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Jimmy G needs help on the outside but they need so much more to compete

The only concerns i have is this team doesnt look like they will win the division with the Rams going all out and having one of the best off seasons we have seen in a while, they also seem a year or two from being contenders, i know Jimmy G is all the rage and hype but hes still unproven, he hasnt even started 16 games in his career so we dont know how good he will be but adding Dez will be a huge step forward for this team and give Jimmy a go to guy on the outside especially if Dez can return to form but overall i dont think it will be enough to close the gap on the Rams just yet….the 49ers still need more help in other areas but its a team on the upgrade for sure with or without Dez.


 3) The Baltimore Ravens

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The Ravens are terrible at drafting receivers and Tory Smith is the only one i can think of that had any sort of impact but that was years ago….BUT they are good at bringing in older free agents and getting production out of them so i can see this move working. They brought in Derek Mason, Anquan Boldin and Steve Smith who had good seasons with the team so this could be another typical ‘Raven Move’ and remember hes not even in his 30s yet so it could be a move that lasts for more then just a couple of seasons.

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Steve Smith SR: The Ravens have had success bringing in older receivers

The Ravens also lack a number 1 wide receiver so again it fills a big need and gives Joe Flacco a legit target to go to, he has a big arm and takes chances so he will give Dez many opportunity’s that Dak Prescott didnt give him, again the Ravens have historically struggled to find consistency at the position and with Dez Bryants production and talent in question it would be a risk to take a chance on him but i think overall it makes sense for both sides. The Ravens also love players that play with a passion and a physical mentality and have taken chances on hot headed troubled players before but they are also a disciplined team and will ask Dez to channel his rage and emotions in a positive way, he wont be allowed to roam the sidelines crying and complaining which provides a question mark.

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Dez will need to have players to keep him  in  line in Baltimore

So can Dez keep himself in check with this team? Who knows but we have seen the Ravens make these moves before so it wouldnt surprise me to see him land here


4) The Green Bay Packers

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Cant help but laugh at this one….We are all thinking the same thing here, we all know about the ”Catch” vs the Packers years ago but seriously let it go! There was still 4 minutes on the clock so even if he did catch it Aaron Rodgers had time to come back and win so the game WASNT WON!! Cowboy fans seem to think this play cost them a superbowl but whatever lets get to it.

This is not a huge need for the packers like some of the other teams we listed but Aaron Rodgers to Dez Bryant would be a deadly combo, after the packers surprisingly released long time go to guy Jordy Nelson this off season its left a big hole and a hole they would want to replace sooner rather then later, they still have slot receiver Randall Cobb and newly signed Devonte Adams but im not so sure they can carry the load. As good as Adams is i dont think hes proved himself as a dominant number 1 go to guy but hes a young player on the rise so i could be proven wrong but giving Rodgers a player of Dez Bryants talent could be interesting and having all 3 wide outs on the field at the same time would give defenses fits, factor in Tight End Jimmy Graham as well, this would give Rodgers some dominant options in the redzone. I dont think he goes here but if he does i see this as a 1 year kind of deal as the packers dont generally take chances on players with baggage and Dez in green would look weird.

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Adding Dez would make this a great trio for Aaron Rodgers


5)The New England Patriots

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Well why not? This would be a typical Patriots move if they brought him in, they have brought in unwanted players that carry baggage before and wont hesitate to do it again, the Patriots are always in must win mode so they could easily take him on for one year and try make another run at the superbowl, it worked with Randy Moss and obviously Brady would be the best Quarterback hes ever had by a wide margin so he could get at least 1 year of solid production, Dez’s antics wont be an issue because he will fall in line with the Patriot way and if he doesnt they wont hesitate to cut him instead of dragging it along like most teams do, it would also give Brady one of the most talented receivers hes ever had on the outside and after trading Brandon Cooks earlier this off season they could be seeking a short term replacement

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Deadly Combo: Dez could potentially have a Randy Moss kind of revival with the Patriots


Honrable Mention
5) The Detroit Lions

He will never be Calvin ‘Megatron’ Johnson but he would be the closest thing the lions have had to it, I like Golden Tate alot but hes getting up there in age and he doesnt possess the athletic ability that Dez Bryant has, Stafford needs more weapons pretty much everywhere  and his gun slinging mentality would help Dez, Stafford has had success throwing jump balls to Calvin Johnson in the past so he would be comfortable throwing to Dez who has a great catch radius and again can go for the jump balls, alot like the 49ers i dont think the Lions can win this division and i believe they will finish 3rd so it might not make sense for Dez to go there but it would fill a need for the lions and if Dez still has something left in the tank he could give Lion fans some highlight catches and give them glimpse of what they used to have watching Megatron all those years #FreeCalvin!!



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Dez Bryant claims he has alot left to give

OBVIOUSLY alot of this depends on if Dez can still play at an elite level and if hes willing to work on his craft, i think he has at least 3-4 years left and with him motivated more then ever i think he can be a number 1 wide out again or a very very effective number 2 at worst, he might not be as great as he was during his 3 year run as a pro bowler but he can get pretty close so whoever picks him up will have to somewhat baby sit him and nurture him but even if none of these teams get him there will be at least 21 teams interested because we just dont see talent like this come free before the age of 30 so somebody is going to take a chance…we have seen people pay alot more for less talented players so it would be no surprise if he makes 2nd tier money at the very least on the open market




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