NBA: Eastern Conference 1st Round Playoff Predictions

The time is here and Saturday will beginning of an exciting NBA post season. Everyone is locked in and the brackets are filled so let’s jump right into the Eastern Conference Playoff predictions:

(1)Raptors vs (8) Wizards

The Wizards just got John Wall back right in time for the playoffs but that won’t be enough in my eyes. The Wizards has some pieces but the Raptors are just too well rounded. They can play both sides of the ball well and have a very productive bench. The Raptors should make quick work of the Wizards because even with Wall back they lack chemistry and I know Toronto wants to have as many days as possible to prepare for a potential match up against the Cavs in the second round.

(2)Celtics vs (7) Bucks

If any series was going to go 7 games then it would be this one. The Bucks are not as good as they were projected to be even though Giannis had another all-star year. They have all the talent but can’t seem to put pieces together to win consistently.

The Celtics are hurting bad but still went.500 in the second half of the season even after losing Kyrie Irving. They are dealing with a lot of injuries but Tatum, Brown and Morris have all stepped their game up averaging 17 points apiece plus they are still a good defensive team. Brad Steven’s will out coach the Bucks coach and if we are lucky then this will go 7 games but I’m calling it, this series will be over in 6.

Prediction: Celtics 4-2

(3)76ers vs (6) Heat

The 76ers are red hot right now and look like contenders. The heat are a good defensive team but lack on offense (20th in offense efficiency). They play a very slow paced style and they will smother you but the 76ers maybe too much for them. Since February the 76ers are top 5 in offense and 2nd in defense. They have put all their pieces together and have a winning formula. I hope Joel returns so we can see another epic encounter with him and Whiteside but if not then the 76ers will win this series.

Interesting fact too, the Heat are 7-12 in clutch situations (score within 5 points with 5 minutes to play). The 76ers on the other hand are 11-3 so if the game come downs to clutch situations the Heat will have a problem. I hate to be rude I love D-Wade but I’m calling a sweep, especially if Markelle Fultz decides to show out in the 1st round. Sixers have too much fire power and are too fast for the Heat.

Prediction: 76ers 4-0

(4) Cavs vs (5) Pacers

It’s hard to bet against a man who hasn’t lost a 1st round match in god knows how long including sweeps (I believe he is 28-0 in the past 7 years) Zero Dark Thirty LeBron is here and that is not good news for the Pacers. But hey the Pacers has 3 wins over the Cavs this year in the regular season but sadly that doesn’t matter. LeBron won’t get a cake walk this year with that god awful defense. The Pacers are 12th in the league in offense and they will test the Cavs. Oladipo had an amazing season but his stats dropped in the second half, hopefully they will pick back up in the playoffs.

It’s really hard to bet against LeBron but I think he is going to have to work for that win. Cavs in 7 in my prediction for this.

Prediction: Cavs in 7


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