NBA: Western Conference 1st Round predictions

(1) Rockets vs (8) Timberwolves

Congrats to this Timberwolves team but I’m afraid the road for them stops hear in Houston. The Rockets are just too much for them and they have improved tremendously on defense. They will take advantage of a weak defensive team in a heartbeat and they outscore opponents by 13 points.

The Timberwolves don’t have enough to keep up with them and Jimmy Butler and KAT won’t help that much. I’ll give them one game just to be generous but the Rockets are on a mission, don’t be surprised if they sweep them.

Prediction: Rockets 4-1

(2)Warriors vs (7) Spurs

The Warriors have shown that they are really just not as good without Curry. Their defense is lacking and they just don’t look like a championship team. But this is the Playoffs and a lot can change. Curry is out the 1st round but the Spurs are not the same team they faced last year. Kawhi is still suffering from his mysterious injury and even with Lamarcus Aldridge having a monster season; Kawhi is needed now more than ever. The Spurs won’t die easily but they will die in 6 games. The Warriors should turn it up once the playoffs start and become that dominate team they know they are once again.

Prediction: Warriors 4-2

(3)Trailblazers vs (6) Pelicans

This could possibly be the most entertaining series of the playoffs. Dame Lillard is out to prove himself once again as a superstar and Anthony Davis is out to prove himself as well. Even without Demarcus Cousin the Pelicans are still a good team but I don’t think they are good enough to get past the Trailblazers. They have a lot of weapons along with and they are dangerous with home court advantage.

7 games is my pick for this series as I think that they will go back and forward.

Prediction: Trailblazers in 7

(4)Thunders vs (5) Jazz

No one can stop Westbrook and I mean no one but one thing he is good at is stopping himself. The Thunder should be a favorite to win this series but only if Paul George and most importantly Carmelo Anthony step up and play. The Utah Jazz are no push overs, they have little playoff experience but they are a great. This is a series that is going 7 games and I have the Thunder taking this series.

The fact that the Jazz have no one on the perimeter to atleast contain Westbrook and their best option is Donovan Mitchell leaves some questions about this team and there is more.

Prediction: Thunders in 7


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