NFL: Cowboys eXile Dez Bryant

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Dez Bryant says goodbye to the Cowboys.

So it finally happened Dez Bryant was released by the Dallas Cowboys.

Dez who was one of the best wide receivers in the league has seemingly been on the decline for the last 3 seasons and failed to develop a rapport with Quarterback Dak Presscot, unlike Tony Romp Dak simply couldn’t throw Dez open and the two never seemed to ever be on the same page.


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Dak and Dez could just never get on the same page

Dez Bryant is the all time receiving Touch Down leader in Cowboys history and had some great years but his contract and lack of production the last few seasons spelled the end for him.  His best years coming between 2012-2015 where he had over 3800 yards and 41 touchdowns during that 3 year span and it looked like a future hall of famer but failed to reach double digit touchdowns or top 1000 yards over the next three seasons.

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Dez Bryant production declined after 3 pro bowl seasons.

I personally think some of this is Daks fault, a player like Dez may be limited in his route running but he has a great catch radius and can go for the jump ball and out muscle defenders but Dak could never seem to  to fully utilize him but Dez also struggled with drops and separation this past season so ill give dak only 30% of the blame but nether the less hes been cut after an off season filled with speculation about the emotional wide receiver.being on the roster for this season.

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Future: This team will run through star running back Zeke Elliot and Quarterback Dak Prescott

The main problem here was money, he was due 12 million this season which isnt bad considering the deals signed by other receivers this off season but the problem was his 16 mil against the cap. Even if he took a pay cut it looked like the Cowboys were ready to move on and the meeting on friday was more of a goodbye rather then a meeting to reach a mutual agreement.

As said before his production  started to decline and paying him top dollar just didnt seem worth it to the cowboys but without Dez they dont have a go to guy for Dak. Allen Hurns is a nice player but theres nobody on the roster that can do what Dez does and hes only 29 years old so he should have some has left in the tank,  Dez was known for his temper tantrums on the sideline and being emotional if he didnt get the ball but the last few seasons as his production declined  he did seem to grow up and have less fits  and those issues were no longer the vocal point of the star receiver but instead his contract.

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Hot Headed: Dez constantly had blow ups on the sideline early in his career

Its been said that hes working with coaches on developing a bigger route tree and more ”tricks’ to get open this off season, he can take a page out of Larry Fitzgeralds book and possibly play in the slot to add years to his career just like Fitz did in Arizona but now hes been released will he still put the work in? Alot will depend on which team he goes to and how hard hes willing to work, revenge will be on his mind so that could be the motivation he needs, it will be interesting to see where he lands.

There will be a market for Dez but with many teams already having gone through the bulk of free agency his options will be limited which is why its a bit of a surprise the move came so late in the off season, by making this move so late the Cowboys missed out on a chance to potentially sign his replacement so this leads me to believe they feel strongly about finding someone in the draft.

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Allen Hurns will now be the number 1 receiver after being picked up by Dallas this off season 

Dez Bryants asking price could be to high for some teams but as we have seen theres always a team willing to take a chance on such a talent in hopes they can revive their career so theres no doubt in my mind that he will be on an NFL roster this season. If he can return to the Dez Bryant of old then he can really help out a number of teams and we dont see talent like this floating around free agency often under the age of 30 so look forward to Dez throwing up the X again this season and because he wasnt traded he will have his pick of the litter. Check out our next blog to see potential landing spots for Dez Bryant.



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