NBA Award Predictions; Breakdown for MVP, Rookie of the year and more

The NBA Season comes to an end tonight and people are wrapping up their votes for every single award. This has probably been the most competitive season that we have had in a long time and everything is leading us to one of the most entertaining playoffs in a while. Let’s go ahead and break down every award:



  1. James Harden
  2. LeBron James
  3. Anthony Davis
  4. Russell Westbrook
  5. Giannis Antetokounmpo

James Harden is a clear favorite around the league. The Rockets are better than ever and rocking the #1 seed with home field advantage going into the playoffs. Harden is doing what Harden does but really he isn’t doing anything different. The team is what really helping him get that award because they are good without him. I’m going to have to go with LeBron James on this one, MVP stands for most valuable player and that is the player that contributes the most to their team’s success and no one has done that better than LeBron James. Not only that but he is 33 redefining father time.  The only thing holding him back from being the CLEAR favorite is the overall team success. But the award show isn’t until June and a lot can change. My pick is going to be LeBron James to steal the award from Harden. I don’t see why Westbrook isn’t a favorite once again this year. He is close to have back to back years averaging a triple double.

Winner: LeBron James

Lebron May

NBA Rookie of the Year


  1. Ben Simmons
  2. Donovan Mitchell
  3. Kyle Kuzma
  4. Jayson Tatum

Man do we all remember when everyone was all over Lonzo and deemed him better than all rookies and the clear favorite to win? Those were good times but on a serious note we can really remove the last 2 because this trophy is between Donovan and Ben. They have both made claim to the award and they both deserve it. Ben Simmons is already cementing his legacy in the NBA and the 76ers are the 3rd seed going in the playoffs riding a 15 game winning streak but you can’t ignore Donovan Mitchell. This kid is a beast and the driving force for the Utah Jazz going to the playoffs. They weren’t even supposed to make the playoffs this year in a lot of people eyes but they have stormed back in the second half of the season and locked in their spot. My pick for this is neither, I think we will see a co ROTY as it’s hard to distinguish between the 2. They both play different styles and benefited their teams in different ways.

Winner: Co-Rookie of the Year, Ben Simmons/ Donovan Mitchell

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NBA Coach of the Year


  1. Dwane Casey, TOR
  2. Brad Stevens, BOS
  3. Quin Snyder, UTH

I really can understand why Dwane Casey is the favorite. The Raptors are the 1st seed in the East and a force to be weaken with. There is one problem here the real winner of this Award is not on this list. Brett Brown should be a favorite to win this award. No one and I mean no one expected the 76ers to be this good this season. I thought they would make the playoffs but I thought they would have been a 7-8th seed.  Brett Brown has played the part in the development of Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, Dario Sarcic and TJ McConnell.

The 76ers are 3rd in the east, riding a 15 game winning streak and they have upped their win total by 20 games. They are a threat in the east faster than anyone expected and Brett Brown has played a huge part in that. My pick is Brett Brown to steal the award from Dwane Casey.

Winner: Brett Brown

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NBA Most improved Player

No other candidate matters, the winner since the beginning of the year is Victor Oladipo.

*Deep breath here comes the stats

Victor Oladipo is in his 5th year in the league and everyone thought we all seen the best of him including me. I already knew he was a solid defensive player and if he worked on his offense and played consistently he would be good. Good turned into great really fast. Oladipo revamped himself. He rebuilt his body, changed his mind set and worked on his perimeter shooting.

Oladipo took a rebuilding Pacers team and turned them into a playoff team. Also he is posting career highs: He is averaging 23pts/5rebs/4ast/ and 2.4 steals (league high). He is also shooting career highs in field goal %( 47.7) and 3pt %(37.1).Victor Oladipo all the way for the MIP no one has improved more than him as he is no longer a role player in this league but a star.

Winner: Victor Oladipo

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NBA Defensive Player of the year

Another no brainer for this award as well…RUDY GOBERT!!! Rudy missed a lot of time due to a knee injury but the Jazz have been a different team ever since his return. Since Jan 19 when Rudy Gobert returned the Jazz lead the league in defensive rebounding, second chance points allowed (10.6ppg) and fast break points allowed (9.6ppg). Gobert is the anchor for this Utah Jazz defense and it’s been this way since he came into the league but the most impressive part of this is that the Jaz are 30-7 since Gobert returned plus they are in the top half of the Western Conference. Gobert all the way

Winner; Rudy Gobert

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NBA 6th Man of the Year


  1. Lou Williams
  2. Fred VanVleet
  3. Will Barton

If VanVleet (8.7ppg in 20 minutes) was bolstering better numbers of course he would be the favorite to win this award. The Raptors are the #1 seed in the east but too bad he is not the 6th man of the year. This year the 6th man scene has been dry and Lou Williams took this award before the 2nd month of basketball. He just signed an extension with the clippers but he was very productive in games he started and games where he came off the bench. Williams put up career high numbers in scoring (23ppg) and assist (5). Lou Williams is grabbing this award and probably will take it for the next 2 years.

Winner: Lou Williams

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The Award show isn’t until June and only so much can change by then but I want to know who do you have winning these awards? Will LeBron win over James Harden? Does Brett Brown deserve to be a favorite for this award?


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