NBA: Ben Simmons vs Donovan Mitchel: Who Wins ROTY?

The NBA season is almost over and the playoffs begin this Saturday but one thing that is on everyone’s mind is who will win the ROTY? We have 2 candidates leading the way. The 76ers own Ben Simmons and Utah Jazz Donavan Mitchell.  They are both making this award race very interesting.

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Who is better Ben Simmons or Donovan Mitchell

Ben Simmons has already made it clear that he is 100% the favorite to win the Award.

“Who would I pick? Me, 100 percent,” Simmons told ESPN at the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Philadelphia on Saturday.

“I think I have been playing solid all year. If you look at the numbers, you will see. People who know the game know.”

Simmons has been putting on a clinic all year long and has everyone even the king himself buzzing and considering taking his Talents to Philly (my pick for where he will go). He is averaging 16PPG/ 8 Rebs/8 Ast and 2 steals.

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He also racked up 12 triple doubles which is the second most in league history amongst players in their rookie season. Simmons and the 76ers are riding high with a 14 game winning streak plus they are 3rd in the east right now.

Simmons was also asked if there is anyone else on his radar and he admitted that he wasn’t focused on anyone else:

“None,” Simmons responded promptly. “I want to be where the greats are. So, for me, I watch the guys like [Kevin Durant], [LeBron James], [Stephen] CurryRussell [Westbrook]. Guys like that. That’s where I want to be. I think for me, that’s what I love to watch.”

Wow that’s great and all but the award isn’t wrapped up, what about Donovan Mitchell? Donovan Mitchell won’t go away quietly. Mitchell is putting on a historic year for the Jazz in their first year without Gordon Hayward and he also made it known what a true rookie is earlier today with his hoodie:

Donovan is actually a true Rookie as Ben Simmons is not but since this is his first year ACTUALLY playing then by NBA standards he is a rookie. Donovan Mitchell is averaging 20ppg(leads all rookies) and he is the fastest rookie to reach 150 3 pointers. Both players are playing phenomenal basketball and leading their team to the playoffs but who will walk away with ROTY.

Will it be Ben Simmons or will is be Donovan Mitchell


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