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Pictured: Odell Beckham Back With The Team

So Odell has showed up for early off season workouts.

Even though its only the early part of the off season its a BIG deal because he has said all along that he will not show up to any off season activities until he gets his new mega contract.

More importantly it might show that he is maturing and it shows his dedication to the team, it shows that he wants to be there and lets not forget this part of the off season is completely voluntary so contract or no contract he doesn’t HAVE to be there.

The Giants and Odell  know that a potentially messy off season is coming and it could even go into the regular season, there has even been talks of him being traded but this could be the first step to mending all the fences.

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Will Odell Still Hold Out Now That He Has Joined Team Activities?

The Giants dont want to lose him and Odell wants to remain in New York and we don’t know how long this peace will last but if he continues to show up and do everything that he is asked to do i think the Giants will pay him for the long term.

There is one thing im wondering though….The Rams who seemed interested in making a trade for Odell  instead traded for wide receiver Brandon Cooks so perhaps Odell realized that he is more then likely to stay in New York and it would be better to cooperate rather then hold out and miss out on game checks and possibly hurt his stock for next season. Hes been very unpredictable with his behavior so we don’t know what will happen next and a trade is still possible but for now him showing up will please the new general manager and the new head coach.

Have we heard the last of this? No we haven’t but this will calm things down a bit for the time being.


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