Cavs vs Heat could be a potential nightmare for Lebron

The Playoffs will begin this Saturday and teams are still trying to secure their spot. Here is the current playoff seeding if it started today:

In my opinion Lebron needs to hold on to that match up against the Pacers and just let the 76ers keep that match up against the Heat. Unlike any team the Heat have always presented a problem for Lebron James especially when D-Wade is their. It seems as if D-Wade has some sore of Blue print to beating Lebron. Check this out:

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Lebron and Wade has been an equal match for each other since they both stepped in the league
  • In head to head matches Lebron and D-Wade split 30 games 15 a piece
  • LeBron James:  28.5 PPG/ 7 AST/ 6 REBS
  • Dwayne Wade: 26 PPG/ 6 AST/ 5 REBS

The biggest thing that caught my eye was their last 8 match ups. Lebron is currently 2-6 in his last 8 match ups against D-Wade and company plus he is on a 4 game losing streak. Now overall as a team the Heat could be a nightmare for the Cavs.

Cavs are not good defensively

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Like this could really matter because the Cavs were not good defensively last year as well but still made it all the way to the Finals. We all know playoff Lebron is a completely different animal but he really needs help because the team is still not as good as it should be. Defense could kill them this year in the post season. Lebron can bring a team back from behind we all know that but one of the young guys have to really step up for a Cavs team that ranks close to last in the league in defensive efficiency.

Miami is Well-Rounded

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This Miami team may not be the best as far as statistics goes but they are not a pushover neither. Miami has Pat Riley in his corner as well and could be a key to challenging Lebron if it comes down to a potential match up. The Heat doesnt have a go to scorer and that could cause alot of problems for a Cavaliers team that is just downright terrible on defense. They currently have 9 players scoring in double digits and any one of them could go off on any given night.

Plus they do not fear Lebron. Everyone knows he is going to score and nearly impossible to stop but they do a good job of making him turn over the ball.

Hey im not saying its 100% possible but they could pose a threat to Lebron if they meet in the first round or in the playoffs period. Believe it or not this is a match up alot of people want to see in the playoffs(Lebron vs Wade of course) and it if happens then we might see the biggest upset in NBA History.

What do you think?

Could the heat pose a threat to the Cavs in the playoffs?


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