Conor Mcgregor is once again making headlines without actually stepping in the ring. it seems his biggest opponent  these days is himself and his temper, we have all enjoyed his brash attitude and trash talking before and after his fights but he took it to a whole new level this week.


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Usual Antics: Conor Mcgregor At One Of His Old Press Conferences

Mcgregor who wasnt even part of the UFC 223 card was perhaps the biggest headline from the event, he gate crashed a press conference that the other fighters were having and somewhere along the line he lost control and tried to confront the people involved but it didnt stop there….he was seen chasing the team bus which was full of managers trainers and some of the fighters on the card and throwing anything he can find at the windows in a very aggressive manner

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The Star Was Caught On Camera Throwing Gates And Whatever He Could Find At The Team Bus

It got really serious when the windows broke and glass shattered inside the bus injuring some of the people inside and even caused two fighters to withdraw from the event and some were even said to be bleeding from the eyes from the shattered glass.


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Micheal Chiesa Had To Be Pulled From The Fight After Being Injured By Shattered Glass

Its clear that Mcgregor took things to far and maybe him having his belt stripped due to inactivity had something to do with his anger but this is simply something you cant do, this was far beyond his regular trash talking and mocking of his opponent, this was complete disregard for anybody’s elses safety and it really could have been alot worse.

He was arrested and charged but obviously bailed out within 24 hours but now the law suits will be coming and his career could be in jeopardy.


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Mcgregor In Hand Cuffs Leaving The Court Room

The usual happy faced Dana White was noticeably angry and called this ”The Biggest Disgrace In The History Of The UFC” in several interviews on the matter and when asked if his personal relationship with Mcgregor was damaged and if he would be banned from the UFC  he responded by saying ”their relationship is not in a good place right now and this goes far beyond whether or not  Mcgregor will lose his job”


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UFC  Boss  Dana White Said To Be Furious With Conar Mcgregor


Dana White has his brand to protect and even though it would be a big loss for the sport if Mcgregor didnt fight again he would not hesitate to kick him out if he feels its in his company’s best interest.

We’ve seen mega superstars mess up and be given second and third chances all the time so personally i feel  he will be forgiven and allowed to fight again eventually but its no doubt done some damage to his reputation among fans and UFC fighters.

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Disgraced: Conor Mcgregor Must Rebuild Tainted Reputation


Theres been talk of a potential rematch with undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather in the Octagon but as slim as that was i dont think it will happen anymore but Mcgregor might sniff around the boxing scene if he is banned from the UFC for an extended period of time.

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Knocked Out : Did His Loss Vs Mayweather Hurt Him Emotionally?


Questions about his mental health and drug use have been floating around so he would have to get his mind right if he is to pursue a career in either sport going forward and i personally wonder if the loss to Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring had a bigger effect on him then we originally thought.

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Could Mcgregor Return To Boxing If Banned From The UFC?


Conor Mcgregor is fan favorite and one of the biggest sport draws in the world but we’ve seen superstars fall off in the blink of an eye  and this could potentially be the start of a rapid decline, its been almost 2 years since hes fought in the UFC and the sport has done fine without him and since UFC has clearly taken over boxing as the best combat sport in the world the spot light and brand is bigger then ever so whatever happens life moves on but i get the feeling we haven’t heard the last from this polarized sports figure.

Heres two of the videos below



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