NXT Takeover: New Orleans Results and Review

Wow just wow. NXT Takeover New Orleans was an instant classic on a weekend packed with wrestling events. Tonight was the night that has me wondering if even the super stacked WrestleMania card can top this event? We crowned a 2 new champions and a 1st time ever North American champion on a night where every single match delivered but without further wait let’s get into these results

Adam Cole becomes the 1st NXT North American Champion

I predicted Adam Cole to win this match and I’m glad he did. This epic encounter featuring Adam Cole, EC3, Lars Sullivan, Killian Dain, Velveteen Dream, and Ricochet set a huge tone for the evening and had a lot of holy shit moments. It’s hard to say who stole the show even though I feel like EC3 really lacked in his debut match but Ricochet made sure to let everyone know he was here to stay. Velveteen Dream continues his hot streak of putting on great performances as well but in the end Adam Cole showed off his ring IQ and took advantage of an opportunity to win the match and become the first NXT North American Champion.

Shayna Baszler puts Ember Moon to sleep and wins NXT Women’s Championship

At first this match didn’t start off strong but the momentum built up over time and became very entertaining. Ember Moon didn’t go down without a fight but Shayna showed us she can really hold her own. The match was brutal and very technical at some points but in the end Shayna put Ember to sleep with 1 hand like seriously 1 HAND!!!! I don’t expect a rematch as Ember is most likely going to the main roster after this match.

Undisputed Era contains and wins Dusty Rhodes tag team classic with a shocking heel turn

We didn’t know if Adam could compete but he came out and was put through a table and inexistent the whole match. Kyle O’Reily held his own and put on a show against AOP and Strong/Dunne but it wasn’t enough. AOP and Strong/Dunne took turns changing momentum in the match and we had another instant tag team classic. In the end I was sure Dunne and Strong were going to walk out the new NXT Tag Team Champions but Strong turned on Dunne and gave the Undisputed Era the win. A moment that shocked everyone but not only did he do that, HE JOINED THEM!!!! Can you say HOLY SHIT!!!!! I’m not sure what this means for the landscape for NXT but they have officially Shocked the System!!!!

Aleister Black claims the NXT Championship

Andrade put on a clinic tonight and both of these guys left it all in the ring. Aleister came out hot and pulled out all the stops but what impressed me the most was Andrade. His championship reign may have ended but he continues to prove himself in the ring. Every championship match he has had was an instant classic. Aleister showed a different type of resiliency, one that you only really see by one man at WrestleMania and that is the Undertaker. I’m not sure who will challenge him first but I’m interested to know who will be the one to end Aleister streak as champion. 5 star match, watch it if you haven’t already.

Johnny Wrestling beats Ciampa in a brutal match

This match had me off my couch from beginning to end. They definitely topped their performance from the Cruiserweight Classic. Brutal strikes and a lot of brutal slams from Ciampa suplexing Gargano off the announce table to the floor, to Gargano power bombing Ciampa on concrete, everything had you on your feet in AWW from beginning to end. Johnny may have won but I doubt this feud is far from over. I can see a cage match and even a last man standing match in their future. This is WWE’s best rivalry right now and there is no reason for it to be a 1 night stand. Great way to end an epic show!!!

Overall I give this show a 10/10 rating; from beginning to end they demanded your attention and kept it. I’m not sure how WrestleMania is going to top this and if they don’t then they might need to change WrestleMania weekend to NXTWeeknd.

Match of the Night: Split between 6 man Ladder Match/ Aleister vs Andrade/ Gargano vs Ciampa

Moment of the Night: Roderick Strong Joining Undisputed Era



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