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Pictured: Quarterback Eli Manning

Alot like the Raiders i really dont know what happened with this team…They were picked as superbowl contenders before the season started believe it or not. They reached the playoffs the year before and then completely fell of the map finishing 3-13.
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Of course they were slammed by the injury bug losing star wide outs Odell Beckham and veteran Brandon Marshall and even 3rd wide out Sterling Shepard for some time but they still should have been better then this. The reason goes beyond that though, it seems like 2nd year head coach Ben Mcadoo was in over his head and really lost the locker rooms respect and once the team quits on the coach its a wrap.

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Fired: Head Coach Ben Mcadoo Didnt Even Last Two Full Seasons


They failed to address the offensive line which predictably  was terrible all season and  completely neglected the Running Back position so they ultimately left Quarterback Eli Manning left out to dry. He didnt play up to his usual standard but i dont think any Quarterback could have done anything in his situation. As a result the general manager and head coach were fired so it would be up to first year head coach Pat Shermer to turn around this storied franchise.


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New Regime: Head Coach Pat Shurmer And Dave Gettleman

The defense still has some good players and veteran leadership left and they have some early round draft picks which is rare for them so even though the record was terrible last season i really dont think they are a 3-13 team, instead ill put that down to fluke and i expect this proud franchise to bounce back once they get all their players back healthy and this time round they have actually started to address the needs they have.


Speaking of needs they filled one hole by signing the best free agent offensive line in Left Tackle Nate Solder who spent the last several years protecting Tom Bradys blind side. He also brings a championship winning mentality and that enables struggling left tackle Ereck Flowers to move over to the right side where hes much more effective so thats essentially 2 spots filled on the most needy position on the team. They also added starting running back Jonathan Stewart in free agency so all of a sudden this offense looks alot more complete then what we saw mid season in 2017 especially when you talk about the weapons they are also getting back from injuries and lets not forget the one lone bright spot last season  Tight End Evin Ingram who will be more seasoned this year.


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Prize Free Agent Left Tackle Nate Solder Fills Giants Biggest Need

Where they have a chance to really boost this roster is in the draft, alot of people think the best player in the draft Running Back Saquan Barkley will be on the board when they pick 2nd and adding him to an offense with Odell Beckham and company all of a sudden makes them one of the best offenses in the league, even if they go a different direction they will still have their pick of the litter in a very talented  draft to add an immediate starter, i dont think they will pick a Quarterback as they seem to believe Eli Manning has some years left so this team can literally get back into contention right away and put last years fluke behind them. They lost stud pass rusher Jason Pieree Paul and veteran Corner Back Rodgers Cromatie but i think they can overcome that. Im going to give them a 10-6 record this year and possibly back in the playoffs.

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Odell Beckham And Brandon Marshall Return Healthy This Season


Their best player Odell Beckham has been floating around in trade rumors but i really dont think thats going to happen although they face a potentially messy off season with him threatening to skip the off season and possibly some regular season games but hes a once in a lifetime talent so they should pay him and swallow the pill. Odells issues arent excessive or suspension worthy but its more down to his immaturity and his need to be in the spot light but hes a good kid whos still a young so i believe they can work with him to turn it around.

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Odell Must Show Maturity If He Wants Big Payday

If the Giants have another season like last years miserable 3-13 campaign then i see them going into full rebuilding mode and tearing this whole team down. They have alot of veterans on big contracts and its a different regime with a new Head Coach and General manager who would like to rebuild to team in their image but i think they have enough talent on the team to make another run or two.





  1. Not seeing it. Think they’re gonna have a few lean years before they right the ship and start over w a new QB.

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