WOW! Any NBA fan watching the game last night will know that this was one of those generational games. We see this in sports from time to time when a new star destined to rule the game for years to come faces the current star and face of the league and thats exactly what we got with Lebron James vs Ben Simmons.


New King? Rookie Ben Simmons Eyes New Status


Obviously we know Lebron is the worlds best basketball player and theres been conversations and endless debates about if hes surpassed Micheal Jordan as the GOAT but thats a conversation for another day (Jordan is better) but anyways last night we saw a fierce battle in which Ben Simmons put on a show and beat Lebrons team 132-130.

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Changing Of The Guard? Ben Simmons Dunks Over Lebron

The game didnt look like it would be close but the Cleveland Cavaliers came storming back being down as many as 25 points at various stages of the game only to come up short at the very end.

Lebron who had a great game himself had a chance to tie the game with two free throws with less then 2 seconds remaining on the clock but missed both shots giving the Ben Simmons and the 76ers the win.


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Leflop: Lebron Missed Both Shots To Tie The Game With 1 Second Left


Ben Simmons has had one of the great rookie seasons this year had another triple double and had an outstanding game putting on a show, dunking over Lebron while using trick moves to dazzle opponents and was plain unstoppable and even though its a team game we coudnt help but think this was a ‘changing of the guard’ kind of game.


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Unstoppable: Rookie Ben Simmons

Now he has a long way to go and its still early but the 1st overall pick in this seasons draft is living up to the hype unlike 2nd overall pick Lonzo Ball who seems to dominate the headlines not often for the right reasons but im here to tell you this kid is special and hes going to be an all star for a very long time and even Lebron couldnt help but look proud as he watched his predecessor dominate the court even if it was against his own team.


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Proud: Lebron James Endorsing Rookie Sensation Ben Simmons

Just look at these numbers from last nights game by both players

Ben Simmons
Points – 27
Rebounds – 15
Assists – 13

Lebron James
Points – 44
Rebounds – 11
Assists – 11

Both players recorded triple doubles in the epic clash and as usual Lebron played great and did almost everything in his power to try make the great come back but missing the last two shots is what people will take away from his performance again slamming him for not being as clutch as Jordan or Kobe which is unfair but at the end of the day he had the ball in his hands in crunch time and didnt deliver. Check out these highlights below of the clash


In many years from now if Simmons goes on to have a great career alot of people will point to this game where he battled his idol going toe to toe and coming out on top, its a great confidence builder for the young star but its not like he needed it….its going to be exciting to watch his career unfold and with Lebron on the back end of his career he can soon take his place as the New King.



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