Will the Patriots go after OBJ?

The trade rumors swirling around Giants WR Odell Beckham are heating up but will the Patriots go after OBJ?

The Patriots are looking a little suspicious and we never know what they have up their sleeve with Lord Sith (Bill Belichick) plotting. Just 2 days ago the Patriots made a shocking move to trade WR Brandon Cooks to the LA Rams. The most noticeable thing they got in return was another 1st round draft pick.

Hmm that’s gives them 2 1st round picks which is the starting asking price the Giants want in a trade for Odell Beckham. I can’t lie that would be a killer duo with Brady/Beckham but let’s not get our hopes up. I mean seriously would the Patriots really go after Odell Beckham?

Anyone would say that’s a smart move for any team that needs a WR but the Patriots think a lot differently about smart moves. They most likely traded Brandon Cooks because he was on contract year and 9/10 he was going to be looking for a big payday, so why not get something in return for the young superstar wide out. Odell Beckham is on his contract year as well and he is looking to be the highest paid athlete in the NFL. Now I’m not going to say the man deserves the money but do you really think the Patriots are going to cough up that money for him? Will he fit in to the Patriots way that asks for players to put team over self?

Anything can happen in football but this trade is not going to happen. Will the Patriots go after OBJ? Maybe!!! The only questions to ask yourselves is will the Patriots pay him 20 million or more or would they be successful in getting him to take less money and promising  him rings? Of course Tom Brady may even reconstruct his contract like he always does to get him more talent. Plus the Patriots are in need of a long term WR. They have a couple more wide outs that are on contract year and we never know they may get dealt before the trade deadline too.

It’s possible the Patriots may take a safe route and just draft a wide out as well with all those picks. Either way it goes I can’t wait to see how this turns out. The Patriots nabbing Beckham will turn a lot of heads but if not then they will be just fine and your next favorite wide out may come out of the draft or maybe whomever Bill Belichick finds around town.


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