Legion of WHOM??

The Dynasty is over…
One of the great defenses of our generation has finally broken up after years of dominating and intimidating opponents.

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End of an Era

The Legion of BOOM as they called themselves could be up there with the 2000 Ravens and 2002 Buccaneers  in on a superbowl win when they dismantled and destroyed Peyton Mannings number 1 offense a few seasons ago.

They also made the superbowl the very next season and really should have won and launched their own dynasty but undrafted rookie free agent Malcome Butler made one of the best plays in NFL history breaking on the ball and intercepting Quarterback Russel Wilson at the ONE yard line ending the back to back superbowl chance for the Seahawks.

Seahawk Fans you might not want to watch the video below…

Some say this was the moment that things started to go downhill for the Seahawks.

After a great performance by the defense and clutch plays by the offense the Seahawks looked prime to score from the one yard line with BEAST mode aka Marshawn Lynch in the backfield and having three more downs to get in but instead of handing him the ball and letting him walk his way into the endzone they called a passing play therefore allowing Malcome Butler to make the game sealing interception leaving announcers and fans and mostly the Seahawks stunned at the playcall and from there the blame game and questioning of coaching started along with constant rumors of locker room bickering.


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Shock and Disbelief  At The Play Call


The Seahawks are the kind of organization that have no issue showing their arrogance and trash talking their opponents. They were encouraged to let players speak their mind without repercussion and with so many strong personalities in the locker room it eventually got out of hand with the players calling out coaches and teamates and even questioning the playcalling.

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Reports of Locker Room Rifts  And Fights Became Regular


This all came to a heed last season which is a big reason why they decided to let some of the bigger personalities go and mold the team in the personality their humble respectful Quarterback and leader Russel Wilson

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Its Officially Russel Wilsons Team Now

First of all a couple years back the heart and soul of the offense  running back Marshawn Lynch retired leaving a huge hole that they never filled, then this off season pro bowlers Micheal Bennet and all pro shut down corner back Richard Sherman were shipped out and the return of team leader Cam Chancellor  and pro bowl defensive end Cliff Avril are in question due to serious injuries Richard Sherman signed with division rival SF 49ers literally hours after his release and will be seeking his revenge which adds more to the story line.

The Play Below Is The Day BEAST Mode Was Born Who Became The Staple Of The Team



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Bitter Divorce : All Pro Corner Back Released And Immediately Signed With Division Rival San Francisco


To make things a bit more complicated their best player safety Earl Thomas wants a new contract and has been talking about wanting to play for the Cowboys but whatever happens The Legion Of Boom is no more and the future is uncertain in Seattle.


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Bizarre: Earl Thomas Saying ”Come Get Me” To Dallas Head Coach Jason Garret After The Game

It seems that Seattle is leaning on Quarterback Russel Wilson to take over the team but hes also lost some players on offense including explosive wide receiver Paul Richardson and Jimmy Graham who lead the league in touchdowns by a Tight end so this makes it even tougher for Wilson to lead this team and even though hes a great Quarterback he is going to need a supporting cast around him.

Since Marshawn Lynch left the team they have struggled to run the ball which was the staple and tone setter of the offense and the Offensive line has been beyond terrible for the last few years leaving Wilson to constantly run for his life before he can even set in the pocket. They still have underrated wide receiver Doug Baldwin but not much outside of that so getting players to help out their franchise Quarterback has to be one of the top priorities this off season.

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Can Russel Wilson Put The Team On His Back?


Wilson who quietly led the league in touchdowns did everything he could to keep the team afloat but its not a recipe of success and if Seattle is to have any hope of staying competive next season they have got to fix that Offensive line and give him a consiustent running game to take the pressure off him and the new defense.

Now heres the good news….
The Seahawks have done an outstanding job finding late round draft picks and undrafted players to match their system so while they seem to be in some sort of rebuilding mode the front office and head coach Pete Carol seem very confident that they can eventually replace all the stars that have left and i think they can to.

Heres a list of some of the late round contributors over the years for the Seahawks
Richard Sherman – 5th round
Micheal Bennet – Undrafted
Doug Baldwin – Undrafted
Russel Wilson – 3rd round
Cam Chanclor – 5th round

These were major players during their dominate run  and were all found in the late rounds and coached up and while they could have been lucky to have found so many late round gems i firmly believe their production was also a product of coaching and schemes so they are probably all hard at work scouting players and assessing the draft for more late round gems and coaching up the players they currently have on the roster.

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Head Coach Pete Carol And Front Office Have Work Cut Out For Them



Seattle has enjoyed its run at the top of the food chain in the NFC for a while but nothing lasts forever. They paid all their stars and had about a four year window and they took advantage of it by winning a superbowl while getting to another and winning the division and playoff games during their run so overall id say it was a success BUT…..what the players are going to remember is missing out on that second superbowl by ONE yard and they may never get over it but Pete Carol and the Seahawks have no choice but to move forward and judging by the way this team has carried it self i see no reason why they wont continue to do well but it is the end of an era for sure….

Lets hope the ”Rebuilding” process wont take too long otherwise even more changes could be coming


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