L.A Rams Continue Buying Spree Trading For Brandon Cooks!

L.A Rams Continue Buying Spree Trading For Brandon Cooks!
Wow….so my last blog i wrote about the Patriots possibly trading Rob Grodkowski but now they have traded Brandon Cooks i dont think thats possible as it would leave Brady very little to work with.

The Rams have sent the New England Patriots their 1st overall pick (23rd overall) along with swapping some later round picks.

They needed to add an outside wide receiver after losing Sammy Watkins to free agency so i think the late round first pick was a good deal but like Watkins last off season they only have him for one one more year as hes in the last year of his rookie contract so they have to find a way to keep him beyond this season cause giving up such valuable picks for 1 year of services wont be good in the long run.

But in the mean time young offensive genius head coach Sean Mcvay has a new toy to play with. Cooks is fast and is an explosive deep threat whos been very productive over the last three seasons.

He has had over 1000 yards the last 3 seasons so its a bit of a head scratcher to why hes being traded around every off season but hes still only 24 so he has plenty of tread on the tire and hopefully he manages to settle in with the Rams and make L.A his new home.

I think this move all but cancels any trade speculation of Odell Beckham being traded there but with the way this off season is going it wouldnt be a surprise.

The L.A Rams are the kings of the off season so far and they still have the draft coming up but as the off season goes on its looking more and more like superbowl or bust.

Heres some of the additions they have made this off season

1) Ndamukah Suh – Defensive Tackle
2)Maruc Peters – Corner Backs
3) Aqib Talib – Corner Back
4) Brandon Cooks – Wide Receiver
5) Sam Shields – Corner Back

These arent some over the hill veterans either these are all Pro Bowl players with some still in their prime and its not like they had a bad roster to begin with. They still have superstars like Aaron Donald who is the best defensive player in the NFL regardless of position, they also have one of the top 3 running backs in Todd Gurley and rising star Quarterback Jared Goff. We havent even mentioned other players like Micheal Brockers and versatile safety Le Marcus Joyner returning.

This team had the number 1 offense last season and although they had a middle of the pack defense they got better as the year went along and with these extra additions they should be even better especially with the great Wade Phillips coaching the defense

They also won the division last year  and made the playoffs although they lost in the first round with these extra additions they will be expected to make superbowl run and  anything less will be a disappointment because this team looks like one of the Pro Bowl rosters from last season.

Heres the bad news…Alot of these new additions are on 1 year deals and they have alot of players they are going to have to pay the big bucks starting with defensive tackle Aaron Donald, then they will have to pay their star Quarterback and superstar running back Todd Gurley in the next few seasons so no matter what kind of season they end up having this team will look very different next year but again anything less then a deep playoff run will be seen as a failure.

In a division with the Cardinals Seahawks and 49ers with so many question marks the Rams are now the clear favorite to win the NFC West but as we have seen with teams like the Redskins and Eagles ”Dream Team” back in the day it doesnt matter how good it looks on paper they have to get it done on the field but like i said earlier this isnt your usual collection of offseason additions these are star players in their prime and i dont think ive seen anything like this. Lets hope it pays off




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