Could Gronk Be Traded?

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Its the off season so alot of rumors are getting alot more attention then deserved but never the less lets explore this.

The word on the street is that Gronk could be traded within the next few weeks. Alot like the Odell Beckham speculation i dont think this will happen but Gronk is said so be at odds with retirment and doesnt have his full focus on football which has rubbed the coaches and front office in New England the wrong way.

Its hard to blame Gronk for feeling this way. Hes had several injuries over the last few seasons and is coming off a superbowl loss so right now the last thing hes thinking about is the grind of the off season so i believe he will come back fully focused as we get closer to training camp and off season work outs but New England Patriots want to know hes all in right now it seems.

It wouldnt be to crazy to trade him in fact i actually think it could be a good move. Yes Gronk is one of the best tight ends in the league and is arguably the most dominant offense player (outside of Quarterbacks) in the league and once he gets going he cant be stopped. He has a great rapport with Quarterback Tom Brady who loves to use his tight ends and expose the middle of the field so its not a move anybody in New England would like.

However they can still win without him. Brady has won three superbowls without him and in 2016 when Gronk missed the 2nd half of the season the Patriots went 8-1 without him including a superbowl win. Now im not saying he doesnt make the job easier for Brady and im not saying they are better without him but they can still live without him and the Patriots are the best team at employing that ”Next Man up” attitude. Gronk cant be replaced by one player but they will find ways to make it work and you have to factor in his uncertainty when it comes to his health and staying on the field

Hes a bit of a party animal outside of football but once hes at work he lives by ”The Patriot Way” so i dont buy reports that his antics are bothering the coaches but there was some whispers about Gronk wanting to be himself at all times and being unhappy having to live by the Patriot code but again i dont buy that….When you come to work you come to WORK and the constant winning and superbowl runs is more fun then going to a perennial losing team i can promise you that.

Again i dont think he will get traded but lets wait and see what happens down the stretch. Every single team in the league would be interested and it could be a rare chance for the Patriots to pick up an early 1st round pick for once so if they get an offer they cant refuse i wouldnt rule it out.


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