Trade Speculation Growing for Odell Beckham

I still dont think he will get traded but i admit im not as confident as i was a few days ago when the rumors first started to swirl.

Its been reported that the Giants are now at least listening to calls from interested teams and have received some offers but whats being offered is nowhere near the potential asking price that the Giants have asked for.

The Giants are being very careful with their words and  have said they are  not shopping him but  have also said they would need at LEAST two first round picks to even consider trading the star wide receiver and it could be even more then that but this hasnt stopped teams from sniffing around.

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Outstanding Talented Wide Receiver Odell Beckham

Although it doesn’t happen often we’ve seen teams give up this much draft capital for wide receivers in the past.

Joey Galloway and Keyshawn Johnson more then a decade ago being the latest to be traded for two first round picks  so the asking price isn’t to far fetched for a superstar talent like Odell Beckham.

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Troubled Wide Receiver Keyshawn Johnson Was Once Traded For Two First Round Picks

One thing that could make this slightly more complicated is that whoever he gets traded to will have to make him the highest paid wide receiver in football and Odell Beckham has already stated that he wont step  on the football field without a new contract.

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Odell Wants To Be The Highest Paid Wide Receiver In Football

He also comes with some baggage and diva qualities that alot of wide receivers are known for but we have seen teams take talent over character many times so as the days go on and with the draft coming up it will be interesting to see if anything happens or if it was high profile speculation all along…

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